In the most recent AAA safety tests, autonomous driving technologies are faltering

In the most recent AAA safety tests, autonomous driving technologies are faltering ...

Each vehicle was able to detect a slow-moving dummy vehicle traveling in the same direction as the test vehicle. In each test (five runs per vehicle), the test vehicle applied the brakes and matched the speed of the stand-in to avoid an impact.

Similarly, all test vehicles were capable of detect a simulated cyclist traveling in the same direction and to slow their speed in order to prevent an impact.

The test vehicles affected the dummy vehicle almost every time when it was placed in the same lane to simulate a head-on collision resulting from a negligent or distracted driver.

The speed of the test vehicle and the oncoming vehicle was 25 mph and 15 mph, respectively less than what might happen in the real world. Hyundai and Subaru made no attempts to implement the brakes and reached the target without reducing speed. The Tesla did not use the brakes in every test, but still managed to hit the dummy vehicle at an average speed of 2.3 mph.

The Subaru Forester was not able to detect a simulated cyclist crossing the street in front of it. In this test, Tesla and Hyundai both were both able to brake to avoid an impact.

Greg Brannon, the director of AAA''s automotive engineering division, said that their testing is based on reliable performance, rather than the exception.

Before focusing on the future, AAA''s advice to automakers is simple: listen to consumers and improve current-equilibrate systems. "You can''t sell consumers on the future if they don''t trust the present," Brannon said.

Tesla received a reply from Reuters. A vehicle representative for Hyundai said they are "reviewing the AAA''s findings as part of our ongoing commitment to customer safety." Subaru told the publication that it is reviewing the test to better understand AAA''s methodology but that it didn''t have a detailed response at this time.

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