Jon Favreau Discusses Directing a New Marvel Film

Jon Favreau Discusses Directing a New Marvel Film ...

A simple announcement from Marvel Studios might alter the structure of Marvel Cinematic Universe, while using a few simple whispers of changes, and there is no suggestion of any changes. In the end, Jon Favreau has established a solid connection to Disney, which includes both the 2016 Star Trek and the 2019 live-action-kinda-CGI remake of The Lion King. It would also make sense for him to be involved in one of the most anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe films in the industry. In the end, though,

A simple announcement from Marvel Studios might alter the entire landscape of modern blockbuster cinema. This is because the Marvel Cinematic Universe has surpassed the number of innovations and projects that can spawn whole spectrum. In a strange turn of events, our trusted and proven sources have informed us that director/writer/actor/Happy Hogan Jon Favreau is in negotiations to direct again for Marvel.

Jon Favreau has not directed for Marvel since Iron Man 2 in 2010, a film that can be easily described as too tragic as Thor: The Dark World. After Avengers: Endgame, Favreau has continued to have a strong connection with Marvel''s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. It seems likely that Favreau will not be following Marvel''s friendly Spider-Man as much as it is expected. That will potentially be useful in some time to direct.

The question then is, which film will Jon Favreau lead for Marvel? The immediate and most obvious answer would be the upcoming but still very nebulous Fantastic Four. With the exception of a somewhat recent, extremely secret appearance, there has not been any announcement of Marvels plans for Fantastic Four other than its existence.

In theory, Jon Favreau has long-standing connections to Disney as a whole. Both films included the 2016 movie The Jungle Book and the 2019 live-action kinda-CGI remake of The Lion King. Both of them were massive commercial blockbusters. He also created, wrote, and directed an episode of The Mandalorian, which is the major focus of the Disney+ streaming platform.

Given that Jon Favreau directed the first MCU film and helped guide the intended direction, it would make good marketing and thematic sense for him to be involved in one of the most significant Marvel team film debuts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the last few years, Marvel has gradually shifted their original cast of Avengers, prepping audiences for new ones, and who is better than the guy who made it off to begin with?

Fantastic Four isn''t the only possibility Jon Favreau Marvel film, and there are rumors that a certain other Star Wars director might be in play. There are currently 11 upcoming MCU films from nearly done, but the trailer includes Guns N Roses to it exist, okay? The only films on the queue that do not have attached directors are the upcoming Anthony Mackie-starring Captain America film, the Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings sequel, andFantastic Four. In theory, it could be any

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