Naomi Cancelled from The CW Superhero Show

Naomi Cancelled from The CW Superhero Show ...

While the CW has a slew of popular shows out of the Arrowverse, one of its other superhero shows inspired by the comic book page is DC''sNaomi. The series follows Kaci Walfalls'' titular character as she seeks to uncover the origins of a supernatural event in her hometown and uncover all of the problems that ensue.

The Ava DuVernay-produced superhero series entaild a few references to a large DC universe like Superman, but failed to find an audience despite general positive reviews.

As of late, the CWs superhero shows have been in jeopardy, with many of them being at danger of cancellation. The Flash may be speeding towards its final season, and other series may be in higher-ups crosshairs.

Another CW show has come to an end.

DC''''s Naomi Canceled After One Season

Naomi, DC''s main character, has been canceled by the CW after only one season, according to Variety.

Following several other cancellations on the network, including others comic book propertiesLegends of TomorrowandBatwomanand other CW series likeDynastyandRoswell: New Mexico.


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