Carnival Cruise Line Has Addens a Full-Inclusive Offer

Carnival Cruise Line Has Addens a Full-Inclusive Offer ...

While some cruise lines do offer all-inclusive packages, (Norwegian Cruise Line (NCLH) - Get Royal Caribbean International (RCL) - Get Royal Caribbean Group Report and Carnival Cruise Lines (CCL) - Get Carnival Corporation Report don''t have a real all-inclusive deal on their famous cruise lines.

At the moment, when you book a cruise on Royal Caribbean or Carnival, your rate includes your room, meals in the main dining room, the buffet, and select other free venues, as well as shows, access to most onboard venues, pools, and other amenities.

A basic cruise fee includes coffee, water, and a few other basic drinks, but not soda or alcoholic beverages.

Some cruise passengers opt to pay for specialty dining, internet plans, photo packages, and drink packages, all ranging from soda and bottled water to all-you-can-drink alcoholic beverages.

Both Royal Caribbean and Carnival have a variety of deals that will include some added-fee items. (The rates vary from trip to trip.) Carnival cuts you off after 15 alcoholic beverages, and Royal Caribbean has a different mod for the sailing. In many instances, it''s possible to bundle a beverage package and internet service for less money than buying each one separately.

Both cruise lines, at least with their namesake brands, have an all-inclusive package. Carnival has now added an all-inclusive offer on one of its own owned-and-operated cruise lines.

Carnival is a carnival-inspired image.

Princess Cruises Adds an All-Inclusive Option

Both Carnival and Royal Caribbean are operating a number of cruise-line brands. Each one offers a different experience and caters to a different audience. One of these lines may well offer something that never makes its way to the parent company. However, one of the companies may also use one of its owned-and-operated lines to test out something that might make its way to the famous brand.

It might be what''s happening with the new Princess Premier package Carnival that has added on its Princess cruise line.

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Princess Premier is a new premium add-on package that allows guests to receive unlimited WiFi for up to 4 devices, including premium/top-shelf beverages, photos, specialty dining, and crew gratuities.

According to the company, it costs $75 per day per person and offers a savings of more than 50% when the same services are purchased separately.

The convenience and value of Princess Plus have risen massively among guests, therefore we are adding Princess Premier to help us take our inclusivity choices to the next level, according to Princess Cruises CEO John Padgett.

Princess Premier is our most powerful package, with exceptional on-board amenities at an incredible value. Whether a guest prefers a stand-alone cruise purchase or a fully inclusive vacation, Princess offers options for everyone.

The new offer expires on May 25 and will include internet, drinks up $18 in value each, all gratuities, and two meals in specialty stores.

Will Carnival and Royal Caribbean offer similar offers?

For Carnival''s core brands, the $75 price point is relatively low. It''s a pre-cruise price of $59.95 per person per day plus an 18% service charge, and an onboard price will be $64.95 per day plus an 18% service charge for its Cheers Beverage package.

The drink package on Carnival''s sailings often falls below Carnival''s per-day price, but it can sometimes cost more.

It''s possible, however, that either cruise line might consider a premium all-inclusive package at a higher price point, considering ships'' availability, since many specialty dining slots are available, and popular restaurants sell out on some sailings, and whether offering a package offer allows customers to spend more.

Ultimate Dining, a type of luxury dining, is available on certain cruises but not others. That''s likely due to a mix of availability and math, as not offering it will likely generate more revenue on certain cruises.

Both cruise companies have suggested that they make an all-inclusive package offer, but Carnival has seemingly opened the door, at least a bit, with this Princess offer.

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