The mobile app Sceners brings you unlimited search and social viewing to your streaming mess

The mobile app Sceners brings you unlimited search and social viewing to your streaming mess ...

On the connected screen, you can restart the Roku service and start watching the show. You can still go ahead and rewind, modify the volume, or terminate the program. Baron showed it to me with a Samsung TV with a Roku stream bar attached to it. And he showed it with a large monitor. When you select a show, you can see which episode you want to watch and move right into it.

At Baron, video is linked and syncing in social media events, all from your mobile phone, without need for remote control.

Social viewing

Baron said that you may also use it for social viewing, which is Scener''s special on the Google Chrome browser. Scener allows you to watch a movie with a friend while youre separated, allowing you to join other streaming channels in the future. This is a huge step in the right direction.

Scener was founded by Joe Braidwood, who was incubated by RealNetworks, which the media streaming company had gone out in 2019 and has now expanded its features. Last year, it allowed huge viewing parties for movie events like the debut of Zack Snyder''s new cut of Justice League.

Social viewing with the mobile app becomes simpler. For example, Baron demonstrates how Scener will allow two different parties to watch the same part of the show simultaneously. It synchronizes the start of the show so that both parties can watch the same part of the film simultaneously. This is what Baron calls a natively social experience.

Scener is hardware agnostic, and it will provide additional remote control to make a movie going. During this time, you may engage in video, text, or audio chat on your iPhone, while the app syncs the same experience on the two televisions in two different locations.

Imagine that this laptop and this phone are in two different homes. All of this is happening in sync. I can even fast forward. And if you look, it is actually finding the sync point. Baron said. So were absolutely pleased by this.

Push notifications provide the appropriate time to join the watch party and host.

In a statement, Marc Geiger, the founder of SaveLive, and Scener''s advisor, said that transforming mobile devices into a media controller nobody has been able to build. In music, it has been a vital component for new music discovery. This is a natural next step for Scener and streaming innovation at large.

Scener''s mobile app debut builds on a staggering growth for the company. Scener has seen significant user growth, average over five million minutes a day of shared viewing each month, generating more than 700,000 social viewing events. Based on that data, Baron said Scener can show whats going across all of the different streaming services, revealing whats hot to watch.

Fans may now choose whether or not they can join the party: with a cinephile-level viewing experience via television and mobile, or with the benefit of a simple browser extension on a laptop or desktop.

According to Baron, after spending three decades developing new lines of business from within the largest media companies, Ive experienced first-hand how social viewing has altered the streaming landscape for viewers, platforms, and studios alike.

The app can also show what big watch parties and social events are coming up. Baron said Scener did this engineering for the app on its own, without having to ask permission from the services. But this app will aid it in forming new conversations with a wide spectrum of companies, according to Baron, a 30-year veteran who had a 14-year run as a Hulu executive.

Baron said that we can be their best friend. I think we can help them build community around content. I think we can assist them with content creation, and I think we can assist with content discovery.

Baron hopes that this will help bring the silos together and benefit the consumer. An Android app is already in the works.

Scener has offices in Seattle and Los Angeles.

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