Dead Space Remake has been granted a release date

Dead Space Remake has been granted a release date ...

The release date for Dead Space Remake will be announced next January 27. During a dev stream today, the developer confirmed that the release date. The game reboots the Dead Space franchise while building on the bones of previous games.

Publisher Electronic Arts was one of the first companies to launch Dead Space Remake in October. However, the developer team decided to take a few months longer. EA is not pushing the game out of its fiscal year.

EA announced that it would undergo a remake in its quarterly earnings report earlier this week, which ended March 2023. Nevertheless, the company also planned to launch a major IP during that quarter. According to several experts, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is the sequel to Fallen Order.

Both games will be launched before the end of its fiscal year, and it makes sense as the company does not have a lot of new games for the rest of its calendar in 2022.

Motive is planning a gameplay unveiling in October.

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