Owen Wilson's Mobius Will React To Doctor Strange 2 In Loki, a Loki Writer Teases

Owen Wilson's Mobius Will React To Doctor Strange 2 In Loki, a Loki Writer Teases ...

The second season of the smash-hitLokiseries from Marvel Studios willkickoff production quite soon. Devotees will remember how Odin''s mischievous son was pulled out of time at the start of Season 1, only to form an unsettling friendship with Owen Wilson''sMobius, a bureaucratic agent of the Time Variance Authority who dreams of jet skis. The pair, along with a timeline variant of Loki, a woman known as Sylvie, join forces to get to

The MCU''s Multiverse has been resurrected since putting an end to timeline mastermindHe who was released in the Season 1 finale ofLoki. This incident was caused by the events ofSpider-Man: No Way Home where Dr. Stephen Strange accidentally brought a group of Multiversal interlopers to the core MCU''s Earth. This incident has been exacerbated by the upcoming arrival of America Chavez, a MCU newcomer.

All this time-and-sponse involvement in time and space will have huge consequences for the Marvel Cinematic Universe at large. It isn''t difficult to imagine certain actors having a strong-talking attitude.

Mobius'''' Multiverse of Madness

Mobius Mobius from Loki was diagnosed with an "Oh my God" reaction to the Multiverse of alienity as a result of several of Marvel''s previous films:

I imagine Mobius is out there watching this on a monitor, having to light up a cigarette, and declaring, Oh my god.''I guess I''ll have to wait and see what it means for those who live in the world.

The acting director also offered the following words on Loki''s long-running arc in the series, while also reducing "new layers of texture and complexity."

The character is not going too far apart, but it''s a continuous evolution of Tom. Thats what was always important to Tom and thats what was important to me. If we were going to continue [the first season story] in a second season, we must tread new ground. And that''s why it keeps revealing new layers of texture and complexity.

Don''''t ExpectLokito be Low Key

Season 2 ofLoki will see many more surprises for fans. As soon as Loki arrives back to the TVA, but Owen Wilson''s TVA agent has no clue who he is. Moreover, a massive statue of Jonathan Majors'' evil Kang looms over the offices of the Time Variance Authority, indicating that there''s someone new in charge and he is a business.

What will be the next season take these beloved characters? It''s difficult to say how much time it takes to jump into the Multiverse, given that much has happened in the Multiverse sinceLoki''s first season came to a close. However, the TVA''s headquarters are outside of space and time, so from their perspective, any other realityshenanigans might have already occurred.

Whatever falls in the new season, it''s good to see, according to Waldron, that attention will continue to be placed on the characters and story, which has always been the way the MCU functions.

Season 2 of Marvel Studios''''Lokidoesn''t have a release date, but as discussed above, it begins filming in June.

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