MaveriX is available on Netflix, an Australian Kids series about an underdog teen Motocross team

MaveriX is available on Netflix, an Australian Kids series about an underdog teen Motocross team ...

For some reason or another, were always quite surprised with live-action kids series that are simple to written as adult shows, but instead involve teens and preteens doing something different than, well, the stuff you see onEuphoria. A motocross-themed series from Australia calledMaveriX is also included.


The opening scene of the season is the departure of a group of motocross riders.

Scott Griffin (Darcy Tadich) is one of the best riders on the Aussie junior motocross circuit, a continuation of the tradition his father pioneered as a champion on the pro circuit. The two of them are starting a new bike academy and team called MaveriX, which Griffo is at the first meet, allowing him and Scott to scout some new students.

During the heats, the two of them see diamonds in the rough. Jenny (Tatiana Goode), one of the few girls on the circuit, takes chances; Richie (Tjiirdm McGuire) is holding out to attend his private school, but he ends up going with MaveriX when he loses the final to Lawson (Pedrea Jackson), the teams'' best driver.

Lawson tries to take the Scotts head by saying that youre not your father, and Scott does get discouraged off course during the finals, but he rallies to fall in love.

Griffo at the school has concerns about two advanced riders from Perth, as he extended all of the family''s savings into revamping the course and other improvements. Moreover, a mysterious girl notices the happening from afar.

What Shows Will It Remind You Of? Perhaps this is because both of these shows are Australian live-action series geared towards children, but MaveriX has a similar charm to Dive Club. Both shows take long periods in story to show action or scenery.

Our Take: MaveriX, created by Rachel Clements, Isaac Elliott, and Sam Meikle, is certainly geared towards kids, especially preteens and young teens, but, like the aforementionedDive Club, the show isnt trying to convey to a kid sensibility. It is a family drama with lots of race action, but a story that has real conflict and tension.

The plot will be a relatively straightforward: A tense group of teenagers, an underdog school that is teetering on financial ruin, and mysterious locals. Theres also an element of Scott trying to forge his own path while constantly competing in his fathers shadow. Each of the teens has a backstory, though the only one that is aware much about at the end of the first episode is Richies, given how his parents dont want him riding.

The first episode, as corny as the plot sounds, was none of the hardest to watch. It reorganizes the team''s dynamic well, and the steep racing scenes were fab to watch.

What Age Group Is This For? MaveriX is rated TV-PG, but it seems appropriate for all ages, although were not sure how many kids under seven will be involved in the motocross scenes.

Parting Shot: The MaveriX team goes out on the course to practice, and Griffo is caught on a high chair to watch them.

Don''t take this seriously to the stunt people who are doing the riding, because they make a few spooky moves.

Richie tries to convince his parents to arrive at MaveriX, but his mother says, keep talking, and youll be walking home.

STREAM IT.MaveriX is a fun show that sports-minded kids and their parents can enjoy together, which is all it takes to say.

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