The first official UFO hearing in over 50 years might come to an end to "excessive secrecy."

The first official UFO hearing in over 50 years might come to an end to "excessive secrecy." ...

Is there aliens among us?

This was often referred to irreverent eye-rolls than serious concern or curiosity. However, it may be on the verge of change, in favor of thoughtful consideration.

According to IndianaCongressman Andre Carson, the first public hearing on unidentified aerial vehicles (UAVs, or UFOs) will take place next week. This is the first time in 50 years, with key testimony from two high-level defense intelligence officers.

Although we will probably not hear significant reports of extraterrestrial activity at the hearing next Tuesday, May 17, this event will aid in gaining legitimacy to a topic that is often too stigmatized for many suspected accounts to come forward.

New reports from military and government officials might begin to trickle in as the Congress'' hearing is completed.

UFOs''do not represent physical objects,'' according to Congress.

According to a New York Times report, the report reveals "unidentified aerial phenomena." A series of 144 incidents is expected to start in 2004.

Unveils only one of them was explained.

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These conclusions are narrow, denying evidence that public discourse suggests UFOs are secret U.S. military technology, according to reports: "We currently lack information to indicate any UAP is part of a foreign collection program or indicative of a significant technological advancement by a potential adversary."

According to a Congress'' study, the UFOs "do represent physical objects." This means that the US government is acknowledging that something is there, and they just aren''t sure what.

Sensing the level of stigma surrounding UFO reports

In another report from NYTimes, a gathering on a Pentagon mission will take place. "Since this is an area of high public interest, any unjustified secret may be a challenge to solving the mystery, or it may hinder us from finding solutions to potential vulnerabilities."

"This hearing is about investigating what the Pentagon can do to minimize the stigma associated with military pilots and civilian pilots," Carson said. Under Secretary for Intelligence and Security Ronald Moultrie, Deputy Director Scott W. Bray, and Vice President of Defense Stephen W. Bush are among the witnesses to testify on Tuesday.

In the video, California Democratic Adam B. Shiff said the federal government and the intelligence community have a vital role to play in contextualizing and analyzing reports. He added that the hearing would spotlight "one of the greatest mysteries of our time," and "break the cycle of excessive secrecy and speculation with truth and transparency."

In December 2021, a bipartisan amendment was added to the annual National Defense Authorization Act, which instructs the Pentagon to collaborate with intelligence on analyzing UFO reports, and make its findings public. This year, a group of scientists predicted that more than three million records on UFOs would be released to the public, thus the standard of "excess secrecy" which impacts military or government officials, would decrease the likelihood that they would come up with new information. This would also be beneficial in the long run for understanding

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