Season 1 of Outer Range comes to an end, and it's all explained

Season 1 of Outer Range comes to an end, and it's all explained ...

Important Outer RangeSeason 1 spoilers are included in this article. Read it at your own risk.

Outer Range, a series of animated scenes spanning everything from sci-fi to neo-Western to romance, has been a major hit in recent years.

Outer Range was canceled on Prime Video on April 15, and just aired its seventh and eighth episodes on May 6th, marking the end of the shows'' unpredictable and dramatic first season. What will the series be, or will it be a season 2? Please keep an eye on all of your burning questions!


In the midst of his daughter-in-laws disappearance, Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin) is forced to flee his ranch and seek to flee his home. The first season of Outer Range starts with Royal being able to fought for his land and his parents, while the arrival of an unusual drifter (Imogen Poots) complicates his life. In the midst of it all, the arrival of a strange drifter who wants to camp out on the Royals land,

The first episode, which includes murder, prophetic dreams, and large tension and stakes between the adjacent Abbott and Tillerson families, is enough to prolong the season''s duration of play.


Then in the first episode, Royal tells his eldest son Perry (Tom Pelphrey) that he was born in 1886 after falling in love with his father, who was then allowed to flee his house. That day, he discovered a hole in the field and discovered a hole in the back of the palace. He is now adamantly happy father who once escaped.

Perry embarks on a trap and finds Rebecca himself after failing to make the exit, leaving Royal no choice. This pushes the patriarch into a mess, leaving his only other son, Rhett (Lewis Pullman), to abandon the family ranch and legacy after becoming crowned bull riding champ and intending to kill his lover, bank teller Maria (Isabel Arraiza).

Royal admits to ignoring Autumn, who has been tasked with manipulating everyone around her, and causing havoc since her appearance on the Abbott Ranch. He has already tried to kill her before and is planning to remove her once and for all when, following Autumn and Billy Tillersons (Noah Reid) car turns over and crashes (killing Billy), Royal finds that Autumn has a very familiar scar on her forehead, which is exactly the same as Amy Abbott (Olive Abercrombie), Perrys 9 year-old

Autumn is Amy from the future. When Royal realizes that he is about to kill his granddaughter, he lets her go, a decision that may make the cultish future where Luke Tillerson (Shaun Sipos) has taken over and ravaged the Abbott land a sure thing. Things continue to be mystifying as Amy reconnects with her mother, a very much alive Rebecca, and they depart unseen, perhaps in search of Perry, and in search of return to where Rebecca was found (or

The season finale brought about answers that only raised more questions, and we hope that a season 2 announcement will be held soon so that we won''t have to endure these terrible cliffhangers.


There is no confirmation on whether or not Prime Video has renewed Outer Range for a second season. For the time being, lets just keep our fingers crossed and hope that this is not the last seen of the Abbotts, Tillersons, and the mysterious vide.

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