A Sceners mobile app enables you to have instant viewing and sift through your streaming situation

A Sceners mobile app enables you to have instant viewing and sift through your streaming situation ...

On the connected screen, you may restart the Roku service. You can still play your smartphone as a remote control. You can speed forward the show, reverse it, change the volume, or end the show, and leave it to a menu. Baron showed it with a Samsung TV, along with a Mac laptop, then plugged into it. When you select a show, you can see what episode you want to watch and move right into it.

All of our social media events are shared via their mobile phone, without having to have additional remote control, according to Baron.

Social viewing

Baron said that you may use the app for social viewing, which is Scener''s specialty on the Google Chrome browser. Scener allows you to watch a movie with a friend while youre separated, and works with distant friends on platforms like HBO Max, HBO Go, and Netflix. This is a massive step in the direction.

Scener was founded by Joe Braidwood and was incubated by RealNetworks, a media streaming company that started out in 2019 and has expanded its capabilities ever since. Last year, it enabled massive viewing parties for film events like the release of Zack Snyder''s new cut of Justice League.

Social viewing on the mobile device becomes easier. For example, Baron demonstrated how Scener will allow two different parties to watch the same thing during the start of the show. It synchronizes the start of the show so that both parties can watch the same part of the movie simultaneously. This is what Baron describes as a natively social experience.

Scener is hardware agnostic, and it has more TV device support coming soon. While the app syncs the shared experience on the two TVs in two different areas, you won''t need to go anywhere with multiple remote controls.

Imagine that this laptop and this phone are in two different homes. All of this is happening in sync. I can even fast forward. And if you look, it is actually finding the sync point. Baron said. So were really, really struck out by this.

Push notifications are sure when to join the watch party and host.

According to Sean Rad, the cofounder of Tinder and Scener, the company has transformed mobile devices into a media controller that everyone wants and no one has yet built. Ive always wantedand this is a natural next step for Scener and streaming innovation.

Scener''s mobile app debut builds on an incredible year of development for the company. Scener has also seen significant user growth, involving over five million minutes per day of shared viewing each month, and involving over 700,000 social viewing events each month. Based on that data, Baron said Scener can show what is trending across all of the different streaming services, demonstrating you what is warm to watch.

Fans may now choose from their favorite games: with a cinephile-level viewing experience via TV and mobile, or with the convenience of a simple browser extension on a laptop or desktop.

I''ve learned from the experience that social viewing has altered the streaming landscape for viewers, platforms, and studios alike, and said that social content discovery will be the next seismic shift.

The app can also demonstrate what big watch parties and social events are coming up. Baron said Scener did this engineering for the app on its own, without having to ask permission from the services. However, this app will assist it facilitate new conversations with a wide range of organizations, according to Baron, a 30-year veteran who had a 14-year run as a Hulu executive.

I think we can be their best friend. I think we can help them build community around content. I think we can help them build engagement around content, all of the things they need, and I think we can help with content discovery.

Baron hopes that this will help bring the silos together and benefit the consumer. An Android app is in the works.

Scener has offices in Seattle and Los Angeles.

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