Even if you don't see the MACs Stranger Things Collab, you'll have to pay attention. Peak High School Nostalgia

Even if you don't see the MACs Stranger Things Collab, you'll have to pay attention. Peak High Schoo ...

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There are those who have seen every episode of Stranger Things (me) and who have not waited for Season 4 earlier this month, and those who have forgotten all of the show since new episodes have been released. Either way, the M.A.C. Stranger Things collection is a must-try for anyone looking for a makeup lover. The limited-edition line is a modern twist on the 80s makeup we see on the show.

The spectacular packaging is inspired by the two Netflix universes Stranger Things:the real world and the Upside Down. The single blushes and eyeshadow palette resembleHawkins High notebooks with the tiger mascot on the front. Both Hawkins High logos on the brighter shades and creepy Upside Down drawings on the deeper tones.

This has been a fantastic series for me to work on, and I am so glad that fans of the show will get their hands on this special collection, according to Amy L. Forsythe, head of the Makeup Department on Stranger Things. M.A.C. has been with me since the beginning of my career. They have always been so supportive of any project Im working on, and it really shows in my work.

Forsythe and our friends at Netflix had a great time collaborating on the collection, giving him sneak peeks of the shades used on the set. This season, the production teams would fill us in on the major settings and themes of this season to ensure we included those into the collection. Every single formula has been really implemented through Amy, as well as its authentic users.

We have a sense that fans will be flying crazy for the line.

Forsythe gave STYLECASTERthe the hint on her favourite M.A.C. products to use on set. Glow Play Blush ($31 at Ulta Beauty) and concealer palettes have always been must-haves in our kits, according to Forsythe. This season, we were able to introduce a lot more pastels and colors than what youre used to in Hawkins, so I was delighted to use M.A.C. Dazzleshadows and sparkles for

If Ulta Beauty and M.A.C. Cosmetics get the M.A.C. Stranger Things collection on May 15, please watch them again.

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