In a poor parenting decision, Jon Gosselin claims that Kate alienated me from children

In a poor parenting decision, Jon Gosselin claims that Kate alienated me from children ...

According to former wife Kate Gosselin, Jon Gosselin does not have an open relationship with his children.

In commemorating his sextuplets turning 18 on May 10, [communicating with] the children who live with Kate is very difficult because I amn''t having an open connection with them.

[Kate] alienated me from those kids. He said it was a poor parenting decision, and it would have been much better if she had been more open with them and explained everything better.

While Hannah and Collin have been living with their dad since August 2021, Alexis, Aaden, Joel, and Leah live with their mom.

Jon, who has also shared with Kate the 21-year-old twins Cara and Madelyn, said that he finally reached out to his ex after ending his years-long custody battle.

I am free in the reality that I have adult children right now. I have my own business and now it''s time for me to move on, according to Jon.

Moving on with my own life. It''s like starting over pretty much. Theres no longer a custody court. Its over. Today, we are done. Its over. This weight has been lifted off my shoulder. It''s just a huge relief.

After ten years of marriage, Jon, 45, and Kate, 47, ended their divorce in 2009. He alleges to ET that Kate was responsible for causing the rift between him and his children.

He said, "They will figure out who [their] parents are, and what happened in the past."Sometimes you hide those things from your children. Sometimes its difficult to say those things because youre is afraid they aren''t capable of understanding.

Jon said that he feels sorry that his twin daughters, who are now living at college, do not talk to him.

I texted Maddy and Cara. He had done that, but never received any response. Maddy and Cara cried on their birthday and never received any response, he said.

I don''t see them too much. And, for some reason, I post posts on my Instagram, like throwbacks, and TBTs. It''s bittersweet,but [Hannah] and Collin live with me, so I kind of prefer to focus on them.

Hannah, who joined her dad for the interview, said there was always a possibility when asked if their family would ever come back for a TV reunion.

We have no longer talking about it. I mean, maybe, she said.

It would be nice to sit in a room with them and not think that they hate each other, but it is what it is. Everything worked out how they did. They both love me, so it''s fine.

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