Venom 3 gets a happy update from a Marvel actor

Venom 3 gets a happy update from a Marvel actor ...

The sequel to Venom: Let There Be Carnage will be available for free at Sony. Although Sony has had issues developing its Spider-Man Universe, the franchise is still relatively successful, mainly due to Tom Hardy''s Venom films. An aftershockingly successful box office run for Venom''s 2018 and 2021 Venom: Let There Be Carnage is now in place. Venom is now planning a trilogy with Venom 3.

After a few visits to the MCU with Peter Parker and Doctor Strange, fans expected Eddie Brock and Venom to return to their own world. Though no stories have been disclosed yet, the wacky pair should embark on another wild adventure against some kind of unnatural villain after defeating Woody Harrelson''s Carnage last year.

Michelle Williams, who played Eddie''s estranged ex-fiancee Annie, was a source of help and encouragement as Venom 3 came to an end, and now has shared where she is in terms of resuming the role for the third time under the Sony Pictures banner.

Venom 3 Actress Expects to Return

Variety has talked with Michelle Williams about the possibility of a return to the third film in the series, which was just confirmed at CinemaCon in 2022.

Although there is no confirmation of her being a part of the film, Williams "every intention of continuing with the series" and "certainly hopes"to reprise the role in Venom 3.

Michelle Williams in for More Venom

Annie''s role in the first two Venom movies provided some significant support for Eddie Brock, mostly in terms of battling his inner demons once his and Venom joined forces in the Life Foundation headquarters. Despite Williams'' character becoming happy engaged, she did her best to ensure Eddie and Venom were safe and engaged during her last appearance in Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

There''s no need to expect that Williams will not play Venom 3, particularly since Eddie is eager to play back in the role. After all, Eddie will certainly be in a difficult frame of mind after unfollowing the Multiverse, even if he ended up safely back in his own San Francisco by the end of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Williams discussed how her time on the Venom screen increased her career while she was an actress. It will be a while before more details about her potential role in the Venom threequel will come to light, but she is so willing to return to the franchise.

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