A Crucial Dying Light 2 Element has been postponed

A Crucial Dying Light 2 Element has been postponed ...

Despite the huge gaming delays, Techland announced a new end-content DLC for Dying Light 2, which now includes a whole new game, as well as several enhancements to the game. Unfortunately, the company hasnt offered a reason for the delay, considering that it was currently going to be delayed for September. This year, the company admitted that it hasn''t shown much interest in the game, but said it will continue to provide feedback on the game.

Another one bites the dust a crucial component of Techlands post-apocalyptic open-world survival RPG Dying Light 2 has now been added to the long list of this years delayed gaming titles. Despite the sheer number of gaming titles being delayed (just look at our Games section), we cant say that were all that surprised. In fact, the best course of action is to automatically add another 6-12 months to any recently announced games release date, just in the event.

Apart from major gaming delays, Dying Light 2 was rolled out in February this year (after being delayed) and received favorable reviews, with gamers and critics praised the parkour element of the game, which is one of the best free-running systems in games. However, the game''s narrative and voice acting were also appreciated, although the upcoming story-based adaptation, which was supposed to correct some story elements and fill in the gaps is now postponed for September.

The new Game Plus mode, which was later added to the gameplay, was just two weeks ago. It would automatically recognize that gamers are beginning over a new game and allow them to monitor their previous progress, reducing the difficulty as opposed to starting a new game altogether.

The endgame narrative for Dying Light 2 was still under a major question mark. While the game development is typically the hardest to develop, the narrative is usually solid, making the development of new content even more difficult since it must be surpassed in the original release. However, Techland hasn''t shared much detail on the delayed DLC in the first place, so we cannot know in which direction the studio was able to develop the story.

Apart from the usual final polishing and detailing, the company hasn''t offered a reason for the delay, considering that Saber Interactive, Fntastic, and CD Projekt RED have all all used the same excuse. Considering that the company previously added the highly requested features and reminded players of the upcoming chapter called In the Footsteps of a Nightrunner, as if its trying to ease us into releasing the heartbreaking news about the Dying Light 2 DLC delay.

As things are currently being done, the first video will be released in September (unless it is delayed once more) and the company apologizes for the delay, reaffirming its belief that the community, supporters, and gamers, deserve to receive a truly unforgettable experience. They also thanked the gaming community for its trust and support as if we had another option but to type angry comments online. Keep an eye on you, Electronic Arts, how is Battlefield 2042 doing?

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