My 3B/3C Curls Have Been Transformed by The Shaz & Kiks Clay Shampoo

My 3B/3C Curls Have Been Transformed by The Shaz & Kiks Clay Shampoo ...

As a hairdresser and writer, I''ve only discovered my fair share of products. However, many have failed to follow their advertising hype, including leave-in creams that promised to dampen my curls after one use, and serums and scalp treatments that assured shiny, dandruff-free hair.

At an ungodly night, I went across their page to see if they developed hair care products from Ayurveda. As a person who became trained on a holistic lifestyle and with treatment for saffron and acne-healing, I was instantly intrigued.

Since I was already on the market for a new shampoo for my medium-high-density hair, the connection came at the perfect time. Read on for how the Shaz & Kiks Clay Hair Cleanser altered my curls.

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Fast Facts

  • Price: $42
  • Best for: All hair types
  • Your rating: 5/5
  • Vegan, cruelty-free
  • What we like: Itas gentle and effective
  • What we don''''t like: Requires a shower clean-up after using

The Shaz & Kiks Discover Yourself Balancing Clay Hair Cleanser

Shaz & Kiks is based on ancient Indian rituals to offer a broad spectrum of plant-based ingredients to your hair as part of its Ayurvedic regimen. Many of the ingredients used in the Unarth Yourself balancing clay hair cleaner are widely used. Among them, hibiscus and moringa (to name a few) are used to nourish the scalp.

This is a completely waterless shampoo, which provides you with the full, powerful dosage of nutrients in its formula. Itas creamy in texture, and once mixed with water, it gently lathers so you can easily massage it throughout your strands. The formula is meant to work on all hair types, from thin and fine to coarse and curly.

My Hair

My hair is considered quite fine, but itas curly, therefore I canat use most curly hair products, particularly because they are quite heavy and packed with chemicals that have the potential to cause my scalp dermatitis (a form of eczema that can manifest in redness and dry patches). I needed a triple obstacle: one that could handle cleansing without stripping the scalp, balance the oils, and provide hydration, because curly hair is super dry in nature. The Shaz & Kiks

The Ingredients

I am a beauty expert and I get excited about these detoxifying herbs. This shampoo benefits from incorporating traditional cleansing agents such as sodium lauryl sulfate, an ingredient that is notorious for being extremely drying a with natural cleansing agents such as sodium cocoyl-isethionate.

kaolin is a gentle clay with healing properties that absorb excess oils, dirt, buildup, and external impurities, but because it is loaded with nutrients, it moisturizes the scalp. Experts second that. As for the moringa, aMoringa oil is high in oleic acid and zinc, which is vital for maintaining healthy hair, as it helps strengthen hair, prevent breakage, and seal in the much-needed moisture curly strands. In New York City, Dr. RenAe

aGlycerin is a humectant which removes moisture from the environment around it and helps it penetrate deeper into the hair shaft, thus assisting it in developing a healthier scalp and strands. All of these ingredients are essential for maintaining a healthy scalp.

First Impression

The hibiscus creates a soothing deep mauve, allowing me to develop a subtle froth and a gentle lather. This phenomenon is evident in my shower steam when I open the jar.

I usually have to double down on the conditioner before working on detangling my hair for ten minutes a time, but not this time. As I rinsed the Unearth Yourself shampoo, I found that my scalp felt refreshed, not irritated, and my strands felt nice and hydrated instead of being stripped and dry.

The Results

I followed the shampoo with brandas Unarth Yourself Nourishing Naram Conditioner, which contains its own slew of nutrient-dense ingredients: kokum butter, a non-comedogenic honey native to India, that contains high levels of vitamins to soothe and nourish strands, aloe to hydrate, amla to strengthen the hair and protect the scalp; and tulsi to stimulate blood circulation for improved absorption of nutrients.

My shampoo + conditioner combo left me exhausted after a four-minute detangling session, which reduced more than half of my usual time. Plus, my hair felt (and looked!) so nourished, and the cleanser gave me the perfect amount of slip to add my leave-in curl cream without having to reapply water to it.

My curls are stronger, my scalp is healthier now, and I havenat experienced a severe dermatitis outbreak since my first use five weeks ago.

Worth It?

Is the clay cleanser worth the hype? Yes, for my opinion and experience, itas worth every penny aA so much so that itas gained a permanent place in my shower caddy.

The Verdict

This was actually a seemingly impulsive Instagram purchase that was totally justified. Itas softened my curls, reduced my wash day routine, and balanced my scalp, all without irritation, so itas a 10-ounce increase from me.

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