In New YorkCity, Ghostface Killah gets his own day

In New YorkCity, Ghostface Killah gets his own day ...

As Ghostface Killah celebrated his 52nd birthday, the legendary rapper was honored with his own day by the City of New York. At the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the rappers'' new coffee shop, Killah Koffee, the mayor has announced his intention.

While at the opening ceremony, so many people are coming out here seeing a performer, a young man who grew up here and now lives in public school, and is learning to operate a business elsewhere. So, here''s what''s all about it, Adams said during the shops opening ceremony. So, we just want to say, thank you for reinvesting.

I love each and every single person of yall for coming. God bless, expressing his gratitude and humbleness.

Staten Island Ferryhawks baseball teamhonored Ghostface with a team hat and hat, while revealing that they''ll be naming part of the ballpark Shaolin Alley in honor of the Wu-Tang Clans'' contributions.

Over a year ago, Killah Koffee began as an online-exclusive store, ahead of their new brick-and-mortar location.

The Wu is currently kicking off the 25th anniversary of Wu-Tang Foreverand, who will begin a tour with Nas later this year.

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