The Producer of Moon Knight explains why Eternals and his Sons are now reimagining the future

The Producer of Moon Knight explains why Eternals and his Sons are now reimagining the future ...

One of the highlights of Marvel Studios'' recent Disney+ series Moon Knight was how disconnected it is from the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The world''s inter-connectivity is what makes the MCU so unique, but the Oscar Isaac-led series stowed away from that so it could assemble its own creepy corner of Universe-616.

Dare we do not see that the show will always include little to no references to the wider superhero world? Schlielich, there were speculations that Hulk, Werewolf by Night, and even Sharon Carter will play roles.

In a recent interview with The Direct, writer and executive producer Jeremy Carver confirmed that at one point in time, he wanted to see the Eternals comeo. But how close was it to happening?

Moon Knight Producer on Cut Cameos

While presenting as a guest on the Phase Zero podcast, Moon Knight producer Grant Curtis said why the recently revealed cut Eternals cameo was not necessary.

When did the idea of the Eternals come up? Curtis admitted that it was in the early days, and admitted that its usually the knee jerk reaction to (to) try to ask if you can play with all of the toys:

Early days It''s such a fantastic universe that Kevin, Lou, and Victoria have created over the years with quite a number of talented performers at Marvel. And the kneejerk response is to ask if you can play with all of the toys, whatever the purpose. Who has traveled in and out of the Moon Knight universe on comic book pages?

The producer mentioned how those connections just didn''t match the story [they] were telling, and once we really began to wrestle with the character study, all of the notions of crossovers began to fade:

But what we learned early on is that connections were just limited to what we were telling, because at Marvel, its character, character, and character first, and all of the Marvel shows at Marvel are absolutely intense character studies. And once we started to wrestle with Marc Spector, that is Steven Grant, that is Jake Lockley, and this crazy Egyptian god who is manipulating them, Khonshu, the more these connectivity points just faded away and the more we have what you guys saw on screen. I think we have a better show for it

Curtis described how so apprehensive he believes that anyone can jump into the MCU and experience Moon Knight as much as the guy or gal who saw every MCU offer you can ever imagine:

It''s just that my mom, of all people, can jump into the MCU and enjoy Moon Knight as much as the guy or gal who saw it all. At some point, there''s a lot of names that you guys know, that were out of the loop, but the reality is, our show is pretty complete with what we have.

The Eternals That Never Were

It''s fantastic how anyone may sit down and watch Oscar Isaacs'' fantastic performance in Moon Knight without having kept up with everything in Marvel Studios. With the almost endless amount of MCU projects scheduled to launch over the next few years, many entrance points will be required for stability.

With that said, it would have been fantastic to have those connected moments. The world of theEternals is a surprisingly perfect oneto connect with Moon Knight, which is inherently dangerous.

While the Eternals appeared to be the foundation for Greek Mythology on Earth, Khonshu would have been very active throughout that time. Its difficult to wonder how many interactions the Eternals had, however, to examine the similarities.

Marc Spectors'' next adventure will be able to include other characters from across the United Kingdom.

All six episodes of Moon Knight are now streaming on Disney+.

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