Kyle Kuzma has dragged Skip Bayless for LeBron James grits

Kyle Kuzma has dragged Skip Bayless for LeBron James grits ...

Skip Bayless has made hating on LeBron James a part of who he is. King James gets every chance he gets. One of the former teammates of LeBrons has stepped up to let Skip know how he feels about his opinions.

Consistently ripping one of the greatest NBA players of all time will leave any talking head into hot water with viewers. Skip Bayless has made it an art. Kyle Kuzma has called Bayless out for his bloviating actions.

Bayless said LeBron James was not committed to being fit. Kuzma then blasted him on Twitter. Non only did he call Skip Bayless out, but Kyle Kuzma said Skip was also in shock.

This guy is at the same time he is hooked.

Most fans who responded to the tweet shared their opinion with Kyle Kuzma. Hundreds responded and quoted, eviscerating Skip Bayless''s misgivings. There is no doubt that Bayless will soon miss the attention.

LeBron James is unquestionably one of the finest to ever lace up the sneakers. Skip Bayless is cruising his path to something that should be a very comfortable retirement. Kyle Kuzma believes he''s insane, but Skip is gratifying with the amount he''s being paid to say these kinds of things.

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