Watch Chrishell Stause and her non-binary partner G Flips a steamy music video

Watch Chrishell Stause and her non-binary partner G Flips a steamy music video ...

Yes, it''s one way to meet someone.

G Flip, who identifies as non-binary and uses their/them pronouns, released their Chrishell Stause-starring music video for Get Me Outta Here Thursday, and it is even more NSFW than it was anticipated.

In a video, a selling Sunset fan entering a convenience store in a leather shirt, then ending his day finding a connection with the musician.

A video of the now-couple, presumably having sex or aggressively dry humping in a red-lighted room has also been shown.

After chatting on the set of the music video, Stause, 40, admitted during her Netflix series reunion episode earlier this month that she was dating the Australian singer, 27, who was dating him.

The whole process, which she said, was so fun. We had a blast seeing the video. Not everyone will be ready for it, but I think it is fantastic. The song is amazing.

As Stause tattooed G Flip with its title, the song and video are evidently important to the pair.

G Flip captioned a photo of the moment in k houses.

The relationship erupted as a surprise to fans and co-stars in the event that Stause provided an example of her budding romance and falling for a non-binary person.

I suspect masculine energy is in my tracks, but she called G Flip a beautiful blend of masculine and feminine.

It''s probable that we were able to connect on a so deep level very quickly, according to the author.

Justin Hartley, who plays Justin from 2017 to 2021, was previously married to this Is Us star.

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