The New Bethesda Epic Has Been Hit With A Crushing Delay

The New Bethesda Epic Has Been Hit With A Crushing Delay ...

Both games, including Starfield and Redfall, were expected to launch on November 11, but none of them were revealed as well. Despite the fact that the game was scheduled to premiere on November 11, which is an important milestone for Bethesda''s core team, since the release of 2015''s Fallout 4 and the first new intellectual property from the same studio in 2011. This week, the publisher decided to give the game a lot of focus and suggested that it would take the rest of the games to play.

The following is why Bethesda decided to postpone two of its highly anticipated Xbox exclusive titles until the first half of 2023, without revealing any specific reasons.

The delays of Starfield, the highly anticipated sci-fi RPG, and Redfall, a vampire-themed shooter, have been announced by Polygon, according to the publisher. Both games are expected to be released in the first half of 2023, but Bethesdas had previously stated that the company wants to ensure players receive the best, most polished versions of the game, a statement that is all-too-often linked to gaming problems.

However, Bethesda has promised to take the players into a deep dive on both games soon, indicating that both games might still appear at the upcoming Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase on June 12 unless they decided to delay the event. However, both games may still appear, but gamers and fans should expect to achieve the best possible outcome.

The first major release from the same studio since Fallout 4 and the first new intellectual property from the game in 25 years, according to Bethesdas Starfield. The game was expected to be released on November 11, which is a quarter of a century old, considering that Elder Scrolls was originally available on the same date in 2011.

The game has already been classified as an Xbox exclusive, and Bethesda provided a number of details about it, including the factions, companions, and gameplay, but the audience hasn''t seen any gameplay footage. However, there was no update ever about the game since this mornings announcement.

Both games have a great traction, but they are of paramount importance to Microsoft, since Bethesda bought them in March 2021. However, these titles have been released on Xbox, while Redfall will now release as Xbox exclusives, including those that are now set for Xbox and Xbox Game Pass.

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