Nightmare Fog, the Rainbow Six extractions, will take you to hallucinations

Nightmare Fog, the Rainbow Six extractions, will take you to hallucinations ...

Today, Ubisoft is launching a new crisis event dubbed Nightmare Fog for its Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Extraction co-op shooter game. It is a limited-time event that will test your operators senses as a unavoidable poison fog forms its way through the containment zone.

I played the Crisis Event at a Ubisoft preview event, and it ended up pretty much shredded in the game. But I enjoyed it, and apparently a lot of other people are having a good time with Rainbow Six Extraction, which saw more than five million players in its launch quarter.

Up to three players in the game can collaborate in a cooperative fight against alien animals who have invaded Earth and are breeding in a variety of urban hangouts. As with Rainbow Six Siege, you may choose your operator who is trained in certain skills that complement your squads strengths. These skills include roles such as medic and sniper.

You may go in with guns firing, but there''s a savage firefight as all of the aliens come up against you. It''s like Left4Dead with aliens instead of zombies. You may also perform missions such as taking out nests, collecting specimens, or rescueing friends.

The fog

The event is a purple haze that descends on the battlefield. You start out in a safe area where you can send your drones into the mission area to conduct recon. However, your drones may always be out of batteries before you can scan the entire area. Then you move in and try to accomplish your mission objectives. Only this time, as you are going through the fog.

As you enter the containment zone, exposure to the fog increases your neurotoxin level. Operators experience psychedelic effects, such as enemy hallucinations, disruptions that affect their vision, and damage. If you fire at the hallucinations, they just break up into pixels. If you shake and bite, then you know them.

The parasites toxic tree produces the fog. Its a chemical hallucinogenic can alter an operator''s perception of reality. Eventually, you begin feeling like youre shooting at nothing, while you think youre shooting at some aliens. Eventually, you begin experiencing tunnel vision, motion blur, and a loss of health.

If you manage your neurotoxin level and are still able to distinguish the real from the fake, you can make your way through the fog to destroy the source, the toxic tree. We try to ensure that my team never destroyed the tree in our two-hour play session. We gave it our best.

We threw holes in walls to shorten the distance had to go through the fog, but that always alerted a swarm of aliens to descend upon us. They came in waves, and it was fun to mow them down until I inevitably ran out of ammo. However, I had to run through the area to find more ammo.

Players may discover a neurostim supply case that can temporarily remove a portion of an operators neurotoxin level in each Sub-map. This limited supply enables them to adapt new incursion strategies and be prepared to take on Archans while combating psychedelic effects.

If you complete your missions, you''ll receive exclusive rewards, including a new pistol that gives you a speed boost as well as an invulnerability for 15 seconds.

With a new prestige system, Ubisoft will allow players to level up by ten additional levels. Players can join the squad now through Game Pass on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and Windows PC, as well as on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Stadia, Amazon Luna, Ubisoft+, the Ubisoft Store, and the Epic Games Store.

I enjoyed my time with it, but I think I''ve been inhaled enough purple fog for a while.

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