Following the Matthew Rondeau's breakup, Shanna Moakler writes about the communal dk

Following the Matthew Rondeau's breakup, Shanna Moakler writes about the communal dk ...

After her rocky confrontation with Matthew Rondeau, Shanna Moakler posted a cryptic message about her communal dunk.

The Communal dk has no emotional reaction, according to her Instagram Story Wednesday night, adding even more fuel to the rumors of Rondeau being cheated.

Stop stressing over a guy who can''t be yours, because he wants to be with everyone.

She added a GIF to the text, Todays Mantra.

In summer 2021, Moakler, 47, and Rondeau, 29, split up, claiming that he was happier than ever.

In July of that year, Rondeau said, "I''m concentrating on finding myself again as a person emotionally and mentally."

I hope that she finds what she wants, but it will not be me, according to the author.

The two seemed to conclude on a sour note, as they unfollowed each other on social media and deleted all photographs in which they appeared together.

The breakup came as a surprise to fans at the time, considering that just a month before the split revealed, Moakler gushed about how supportive Rondeau was with helping her create content for her OnlyFans page.

He''s awesome. He and I talked a lot about it, and I told him I would not do it if he didn''t support it, and he''s been hugely supportive, according to Page Six.

Hes really helpful in repurposing my content, and hes attempting to help me with pictures I should use. Im so thankful to have a person who is supportive.

In October 2021, the duo seemed to rekindle things, with Page Six claiming that they had made modifications.

Were [sic] just taking things daily living as a team, and I truly am blessed knowing that she is [sic] by my side as we continue to work hard everyday [sic] on our individual goals, according to Rondeau.

But things changed once more when Rondeau appeared on an expletive-filled outburst about Moakler on social media.

In a since-deleted Instagram Live in February, the actor said that his life was gone. I am never talking to this fking specimen of a fking human again.

He claimed that Moakler had been seeing other people while they were still together, calling her a king whore, the C word, and claims she was not over her exes, including Travis Barker''s ex-husband.

Rondeau was detained for domestic violence hours later. At the time, the manager of the Moaklers told Page Six, thank you to everyone who spoke with concern about Shanna. She is okay and she survived this tragic experience.

In March, Page Six claimed that he attacked a trans lady at her Moaklers home while she was away filming Celebrity Big Brother.

From 2004 through 2008, Moakler was previously married to Barker. The Blink-182 drummer, who has two kids with his ex, is now engaged to Kourtney Kardashian.

The former pageant queen recently spoke up about her tense relationship with her daughter Alabama, 16, and son Landon, 18, who had previously been separated from them since their father started dating the founder of Poosh.

Right now im really attempting to let [my kids] all know that Im here for them and I love them and Im their mother and I''ll always want to be in their lives, according to Moakler. I can do it for a while so we all can heal, but I cannot see anything about it in the future.

Moakler reveals that his 23-year-old daughter Atiana (whom Barker remains close with) has been adopted by Oscar De La Hoya, a former ex of the city. Her rep did not immediately respond to our request.

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