Spencer Pratt claims that the Kardashian family had forgotten everything Heidi and I did on The Hills

Spencer Pratt claims that the Kardashian family had forgotten everything Heidi and I did on The Hill ...

Spencer Pratt would be the one with the most popular shapewear lineup, the ruthless momager, and Pete Davidson on his arm at the Met Gala. Pratt is claiming that he is supposed to be Kim Kardashian, claiming that Esquirehe and his wife Heidi Montag were the models for the Kardashian family''s fame and success.

Pratt, who appeared on our screens in early aughts reality sensation The Hills, became a tabloid star, often appearing in staged stories and photographs with his Hills costar Montag, whom he married in 2008. Pratt toldEsquire that his attention to fame was a blueprint for celebrities like the Kardashians.

Supposed to be Kim Kardashian, he said. Watch all of the early episodes of Kardashians. Heidi and I copied everything she did on The Hills. Ive discovered that the only difference between us and the Kardashians is that youre is only as famous as the media conglomerate bankrolling you.

I didn''t understand that once Viacom was not in the Heidi and Spencer business, it was a wrap on the visions I had for us and our success. Comcast didn''t remove the Kardashians until last year.

The Kardashians were aired on the Comcast-owned E! Network from 2007 to 2021; shortly after leaving cable, the family made the transition to streaming with a new show on Hulu and The Kardashians. Comparatively, the Pratts seriesThe Hillsran was on MTV for four years, from 2006 to 2010.

In January, Pratt got a chance to reprise hisHillspersona in the rebootThe Hills: New Beginnings. MTV reinstated the show after two seasons.

Pratt tells Esquire that he had canceled a fucking TV show. Its been a difficult time to get involved. I was tumbling with several of the cast members who said, We dont need the network. We just need a boom microphone and some cameras and we can do it ourselves. There''s nothing like being on a television show.''

We suggest that if Pratt wants to take back what he says, we follow Kardashian herself''s infamously toldVarietylast month the key to her success is hard work: get your fucking ass up and work, she said. It appears that no one wants to work these days.

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