Komodor, a troubleshooting company founded by Kubernetes, has raised $42 million in funding

Komodor, a troubleshooting company founded by Kubernetes, has raised $42 million in funding ...

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Komodor, a company focused on monitoring and troubleshooting all-things Kubernetes, has raised $42 million in a series B round of investment.

Companies, founded out of Israel in 2020, are using Komodor to track the changes across their entire Kubernetes stack, allowing them to see any knock-on effects that their changes may inadvertently have, and glean context to assist resolve the issues.

The rise of Kubernetes

Kubernetes'' growth since reaching out from Google''s open-source vaults back in 2014 leads to a wider industry''s embrace of containerized applications containers, mostly, as software packages that cover all of the required components for businesses planning to deploy their applications across different infrastructures, thereby resolving the problem of managing software.

Kubernetes, for its part, assists companies in regulating many of the manual tasks involved in managing these containerized applications, and manage their software updates at a faster speed. Nevertheless, if something goes wrong in the process, it may take a long time to backtrack and figure out where things went wrong.

While countless startups have arrived on the scene to assist firms overcome all of the Kubernetes challenges, Komodor is particularly focused on streamlining and automating fixes, and it does so by ingesting and centralizing millions of Kubernetes events each day, and then assists pinpointing where developers need to be looking to issue a fix.

Komodors is now looking to double down on its recent growth, which has seen its income increase by 700% in the last nine months, with its internal headcount tripled to 50.

In Kubernetes, we are scaling extremely fast, directly parallel to the massive adoption of Kubernetes, according to Komodor''s CEO and cofounder. We have a team of experienced engineers who are analyzing all of the ways things go sideways, and we include these knowledge into automated playbooks to our customers.

Tiger Global hosted the Komodors series B round, led by Accel, Felicis, NFX Capital, OldSlip Group, Pitango First, and Vine Ventures.

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