After an Instagram post, Wendy Williams wants to sit down with Sherri Shepherd

After an Instagram post, Wendy Williams wants to sit down with Sherri Shepherd ...

After the two exchanges, Wendy Williams and Sherri Shepherd are ready to sit down on social media.

Despite Shepherd''s permanent replacement with Sherri in the fall, the multihyphenate said Wednesday that she wants to meet with the previous View co-host.

Williams said: "I am working on projects. I''d love to have the opportunity to talk with Sherri and meet him."

LaShawn Thomas, a Williams attorney, said her client has no ill intention toward Shepherd.

Wendy is planning a sit-down with Sherri to have a discussion of the minds. She has no ill intentions or intent, according to Thomas. Wendy is planning a reboot.

The split between Williams, 57, and Shepherd, 55, began last Friday when the former shock jock sat down with Fat Joe on Instagram Live and said she would not watch Shepherds talk show because it is not her thing. Shepherd responded by saying she did not care.

Wendy said she will not watch meon the next television. And that''s okay. I understand, I heard her Saturday during her own Instagram Live.

The Jamie Foxx show alum also asked fans to pray for Williams, who had a problem with her health in the first place.

While Williams and her attorney have revealed that Shepherd has changed their perspectives, it is still troubling the actress.

However, I''m satisfied with Sherri''s efforts to sabotage them at the same time, especially since Wendy was the one who provided many of Sherri''s services, according to Shawn Zanotti. Wendy is an icon and should be respected as such.

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