Sandra Bullock and Girlboss Extraordinaire

Sandra Bullock and Girlboss Extraordinaire ...

A moment in the 2002 film Two Weeks Notice that is so auspicious it appears that it''s predicting the future. Ambitious, brassy, principled general counsel Lucy Kelson (Hugh Grant) has reached a breaking point in negotiating her work-life balance with her sexy billionaire boss George Wade (Hugh Grant) who has just removed her from her wedding to assist him pick out a lawsuit to judge a pageant. When sheas frustrated with George, she doesnat let herself

aIf you want to be disturbed, why do you keep your phone on? Because you like emergencies. You want the excitement, according to George.

George, I understand that this has nothing to do with you. Bullockas Lucy replies. aThis is entirely my thing, because Iave managed to myself into this a thisa Thereasn''t even a name for it!

Although there was a name for it back in 2002, we now know exactly what Lucy is: a girlboss.True to the monikeras connotation with gloomy optimism, Lucy is a Harvard-educated lawyer and activist so hell-bent on historic and environmental preservation that she agrees to work for a billionaire if he promises to save her beloved community center from demolition. What might happen?

The only thing that does are to enable hijinks and meet-cutes, according to two weeks Notice. In 2014, Lucyas was the embodiment of the well-intentioned but self-absorbed girlboss archetype, which was then introduced to the mainstream by Nasty Gal founder, Sophia Amoruso. It''s both foreboding and, let''s be honest, quite amusing.

If you think about it, Bullock was a systems analyst (a Woman in Tech!) who learned from Elizabeth Holmes about a decade later that Silicon Valley is a place where everyone is trying to steal your secrets. In Our Brand Is Crisis, she plays a political strategist who is hired to influence the outcome of a Bolivian election. (HRC? AOC? RBG? The only thing more girlboss than going by your initials is getting into politics itself.)

Bullock has also used her art to warn a nation that having it all has consequences. In Practical Magic, Miki Agrawal, who coined Thinx as a term, finds her love of her lifea until she was murdered due to a curse on the women in her family. Yet, the rematch between the two has been made. Even Audrey Gelman has resigned as founder of The Wing, a millennial-friendly clothing company.

Bullockas Her role as an FBI agent undercover as a beauty pageant contestant in Miss Congeniality taught viewers that women could have beauty and brains! Just two weeks after the release of her ultimate girlboss film, Two Weeks Notice, LinkedIn a website for career development and professional networking a was founded. Coincidence?

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