Pop-Punk Never Let Go Of Avril Lavigne

Pop-Punk Never Let Go Of Avril Lavigne ...

Weave reached a deadlock in the pop-punk scene in the last two years. Both the early 2000s and the zeitgeist have long dominated the charts. Machine Gun Kelly became a common name after selling rap for rock with his 2020 album, Tickets to My Downfall. TikTok established itself as a breeding ground for the sound, ushering in a new world of jazz punks, including Avril Lavigne, who is famous for his involvement in Kourtney

Lavigne''s debut album, Let Go, was released in 2002. While haters were quick to label the then-16-year-oldas style a phase, Lavigne remained transparent in her engagement to it. aI enjoy rock and roll music at the end of the day.

The mainstream interest in pop-punk has waned, but Lavigne has continued to pay the detractors little mind. aMusic is cyclical for the general public. Things come and go, whatas being played on the radio, and everything, as she says. aBut as an artist, I always strive to stay strong, to my core, who I am. A 20-year anniversary of Lavigne''s debut, the young generation, has just gone viral.

Below, Lavigne discusses MGK''s Spice Girls obsession, and the song off of Let Go, which shead wants to play at her funeral.

On Discovering Blink-182, and Collaborating With Travis Barker

What''s your first CD or tape that you remember buying?

I had only a handful of CDs, so it would have been Shania [Twain], Alanis [Morissette, and Blink-182.

Remember the first time you heard Blink-182, then how did you remember it?

I was really young and I was like, aI am not into this! Green Day, Goo Goo Dolls, and Blink-182 were all things involved in me musically. That made me feel the same way.

What exactly was this whole-circle experience of working with Travis already?

Iave never made a record in Calabasas before. Itas always been Hollywood or something. The ambience was great, the music was enjoyable. At this point in my career, I am happy with everyone I was working with. I am impressed by the fact that I am really working really hard and I am literally doing it because I am not impressed by music.

On Barbecuing with MGK and Writing A Song Over Hot Dogs

Whatas the strangest way a song of yours has ever been made to sound?

ALove It When You Hate Me was the last thing we did until the Fourth of July. There was no time to get on the barbecue together, but everybody was like, aFeldy.a Weave never cooked together in a session, but he made the hot dogs and wrote aLove It When You Hate Me. ALove It Was the Last thing we did.

In your recent NYLON cover story, you talked about barbecuing with your colleagues. Are you always grilling?

When Kels [Machine Gun Kelly] arrived on Memorial Day, did I really? That''s funny. They bring me back a lot of joy.

Whatas the song you should sing during your funeral?

aHereas to Never Growing Upa or aIam With Youa would be sensational. Everyone gets a beer, shakes it, and throws it on me.

...And Her Unabashed Love Of The Spice Girls

Is there a theme for karaoke?

aWannabe.a I like the Spice Girls.

Have you ever encountered any of the Spice Girls?

Hell yeah! When Geri Halliwell was in the United Kingdom, I was like, aShut up!a I think I was at a festival backstage and she was doing interviews and I was like, aOh my God. This is so weird.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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