Making A Comeback: 6 Fashion Trends From 2002

Making A Comeback: 6 Fashion Trends From 2002 ...

Ah, the year you watched Legally Blonde on repeat and prayed to the church of the Sex and the City wardrobe department. Spice Girls dominated your stereo a when you were dancing to Britney Spears after school, that is. The more accessories you piled on, the less actual clothing you wore. Slip dresses and cardigans as the tops of the less-is-more list.

Fast forward two decades to today: Although a lot has changed, a lot has remained somewhat unchanged for another season. Everyone is cheering for Britney Spears, and trends like low-rise denim are reintroduced.

While trends in the 2000s have risen for a while, this two-decade marker is a great way to remember those who are going particularly gangbusters this year: Legally Blonde-inspired baguette bags, structured corset tops, choker necklaces, and more.

Take a moment to reflect on the history behind 2002''s biggest trends, which is making a comeback.

aLegally Blondea Pink

The World premiered in July 2001, and the years preceding were full of pink. Now that the unforgiving bubblegum tone is back with a vengeance, itas time to shop for everything, from dresses and trousers to overcoats, bags, and more.

Baguette Bags

These are amazing on Sex and the City, but they fit barely more than your cellphone, especially now that you own an iPhone 13, but they look so well under your arm you canat help but love them. Make sure you reach for the exact same silhouette, but enhance the look with unsurpassed hardware, luxe materials, and a much more effective look than you remember two decades ago.


When it came to cardigans, the a90s and early aughts were enormous, both layered over other tops (agoing out top,a anyone?) and worn as a shirt. Today is the time to pair cropped cardis with high-waisted jeans, slouchier styles with midi skirts, and even a classic crewneck with a pair of vintage shorts.


The underwear as the outerwear look hit it big in the early aughts, and now the corset is back for another day in the sun. This time around, use the boned bustier top with everything from super-size blazers to bright white tees.

Choker Necklaces

This season, the time to channel your inner 2002 fashionista with a choker necklace. Back in 2002, chokers tended to be made from casual materials, like stretch plastic, grosgrain ribbon, and other components. Today, designers have increased their beaded, metal, and higher-end designs at shorter lengths that sit right at your collarbone.

Low-Rise Jeans

Yes, that''s exactly how you settled into the high-waisted industry. From the start of the early aughts, you may not exactly channel Keira Knightley with a bra top or hip-huggers. Consider balancing out a lower-rise bottom with a bodysuit or a layered cardigan, so you don''t look like you are ready to go.

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