Fantastic Four Reboot is making connections with familiar MCU producers

Fantastic Four Reboot is making connections with familiar MCU producers ...

Following Walt Disney Studios'' acquisition of 20th Century Fox, almost no property has more interest to it than the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot from Marvel Studios. Now that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has finally the potential to bring Marvel''s First Family into play alongside Earth''s Mightiest Heroes, the possibilities for exciting stories are endless.

The Fantastic Four is expected to debut in theaters in 2023, with only a minor announcement scheduled for 2024, but the slate will remain as broad open as possible.

According to the latest news release, there are no names that are publicly known to be attached to production as Marvel Studios is approaching cameras. However, a couple of names from the MCU''s most recentDisney+ project have now joined this massive new entry.

Moon Knight Producers Join Fantastic Four

Producers Grant Curtis and Nick Pepin will serve as producers on Marvel Studios'' Fantastic Four, according to Moon Knight head writer Jeremy Slater.

Slater said he''s not sending explicit comments to either of them about the film, but said they''re not going to need his "stink" on their intentions:

"My execs onMoon Knightare are the same guys who are running the Football Four, so we had a lot of discussions about it. "I was like, ''I''m not going to pitch you for anything, because honestly you don''t need my stink on it."

Slater looked back to his own work on Fant4stic in 2015, although only "one line of dialogue" from his first draft of the script actually made it into the movie. However, he understands the implications behind him potentially directing the MCU''s next film, which allows fans to recognize him only for his previous failure:

"I don''t think the originalFantastic Fourwas my fault per se, because I have a one line of dialogue in that film when Reed is about to do his science experiment as a kid, and he''s like, "Don''t blow up." I think that''s the one line that kept me out of my mind, and it''s the same, as it is with the fact that all of Twitter goes, ''You idiots!''

Slater is extremely confident in Curtis and Pepin''s abilities to find the right individuals for every job on Fantastic Four:

"Grant and Nick are great directors. They''re going to find excellent writers and directors. I can''t wait to see it as a fan, but I''m sure there will be no way to see a Jeremy SlaterFantastic Fourmovie for some reason. But if your Uber driver shows up and you''re like, ''Oh, I saw that guy drunk driving last week,'' you don''t get in the car with him. I''m certain that I need to steer clear of

Slater Confident in Moon Knight Producers

With Grant Curtis and Nick Pepin''s work on Moon Knight, Jeremy Slater recovered from his career on Fant4sticin in a slick way. Now, those two will progress to one of the most anticipated Marvel Studios projects in Fantastic Four, joining the team early as Marvel ensures everything goes as well as possible for the next film.

While it''s unclear what Curtis and Pepin''''s contribution will be on the new Fantastic Four film, Slater praised their incredible dedication to Moon Knight, which received rave reviews from fans and critics across the board. They put their best efforts forward to create a character that they had never seen before, and now they''ll have the opportunity to take on a much larger familiar group.

More information on Fantastic Four will likely last a while, primarily with Marvel now in search of a new director with its entire cast of Reed Richards, Sue Storm,Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm. Despite Grant and Pepin''s efforts, they''ll be able to help things run more smoothly under Marvel Studios president KevinFeige and other senior executives.

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