The Blac Chynas' Attempt To Disqualify a Judge For Bias has received a quick response

The Blac Chynas' Attempt To Disqualify a Judge For Bias has received a quick response ...

Blac Chyna may have lost her $100 million defamation suit to the Kardashians. That doesn''t mean she''s given up on her resentment towards the judge who sent her verdict. Blac Chynas'' attempt to resign from the bench arose because of his claims hostile behavior toward her was dismissed.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, the judge found that Chynas'' lawyer failed to provide any convincing reasons for the request to be considered. The judgment was not appealable, according to the order. Chyna, after losing a jury trial against the Kardashian/Jenner family, filed her motion.

Chyna has allege that Rob Kardashian, his mother Kris, and his sisters Kim, Khloe, and Kylie have all been sued by Chyna. She alleges that her family erroneously accused her of abusing her ex-fiance in front of network executives. E! execs terminated Rob & Chyna''s show because of the alleged falsehoods. According to Chyna,

She was enraged because she believed the network offered her a $1 million payout for season two. She said the family''s actions cost her a whole lot of lucrative transactions in court records. Chyna denied spreading misinformation, alleging that she abused Rob during a confrontation in December 2016.

She also claimed that the owner of a Lashed business was unharmed and that her career was unaffected. Chyna said in her application that the judge was biased against her and her attorney Lynne Ciani. She also accused the court of beginning to treat her differently after her mother, Tokyo Toni, made her comments about the case online.

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