WWEs That Paid Money From Peacock Have Changed Their Booking Strategy

WWEs That Paid Money From Peacock Have Changed Their Booking Strategy ...

WWE used to be able to perform its pay-per-view events as a whole. However, the situation has changed drastically. Peacock has signed a guaranteed money streaming agreement. That means they get paid whether their premium live events are interesting or not.

The notion that the stakes always had to be high has been tossed out the window. WWE is only obligated to present a show, not to make it important, according to Dave Meltzer on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. Roman Reigns is also not too worried about their reduced schedule influencing their business.

The first night of WrestleMania had a good week, essentially, it did the same as the second day, and there was no need for champions to defend both nights. So, the one thing I have to say is that the pay-per-view money is guaranteed. So, it kind of works out, if you need a championship match for a pay-per-view that means it is okay. Regardless, people will watch the show for free or they will not.

The obstacle to entry is significantly lower. If you have a large title match, it''s like, people will watch if it''s convenient. But today, the viewing audience of wrestling isn''t, on a pay-per-view program, or a real pay-per-view program, where you have to pay $50 or something, depending on your cable company. However, when it comes to television and when it comes to premium live events that basically people will watch for free or $5 depending on your cable company, it''

If there are competing events, then less people will buy. It doesnt matter whether or not to put on a show and people will watch or they will not watch based on other things. However, it will not make any difference in the WWEs money, however, there are some tickets, but not too many extra tickets. Yes, it will be a different era. So, they can overcome that burden.

As Roman Reigns manages less dates, it''s a huge advantage for WWE.

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