On TikTok, I tried the Most Controversial Foundation Ever

On TikTok, I tried the Most Controversial Foundation Ever ...

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Ive never seen a foundation become so controversial. Folks on TikTok are divided on whether it''s a foundation miracle or the worst product they have tried. The truth? I will give you my Jones Road What the Foundation reviewbecause, well, I have thoughts. The TL;DR: Like most Jones Road Beauty, What the Foundation is for those looking for more natural coverage.

First, here are 12 shades of the tinted moisture balm, which correspond with the brands Face Pencil ($25 at Jones Road) for moisture and skin nourishment. It''s gentle coverage with a dark finish. It doesn''t dry down but you may use powder if you prefer.

The Foundation''s name is What the Foundation, because when founder Bobbi Brown and her team tried it, they quickly said what they wanted.

Meredith Duxbury''s TikTok videos were horrified by how she reviewed What the Foundation. Thats because she spread her usual massive amount of product onto her face like she does with a full-coverage foundation. Thats not going to happen here, however Mikayla Nogueira said the formula didn''t look good on me and the scent is overwhelming.

I was convinced I would like What the Foundation because it is because you prefer a light coverage with a dewy or natural finish. Brown also says she avoids applying moisturizer if you prefer full coverage or a matte finish. While a baseWTF is moisturizing, I decided to use one more layer and a face pencil in shade 08 on my red areas. It''s so helpful here.

In a flushed ($38 at Jones Road), I ended the day with a Jones Road Miracle Balm across my cheeks and nose.

I liked the result. The finish was fantastic. I applied a little powder under my eyes to avoid any creases. I even removed some redness from my forehead for my forehead to moisturize my complexion. I like that you can still see my frecklessomething I appreciate as I get older. This is an ideal everyday makeup for you. It''s a natural smell (from plant oils) and didn''t stick around on my face initially.

What the Foundation isn''t for everybody makeup wearer but it''s a definite win for those who prefer a skin but a healthier vibe. Shades keep selling out, along with Miracle Balm hues. So, grab it at Jones Road Beauty while you can.

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