Peacock's Guaranteed Money Changed Their Booking Strategy

Peacock's Guaranteed Money Changed Their Booking Strategy ...

WWE used to have to snag and promote their pay-per-view events. The times have changed dramatically. WWE has a guaranteed, huge money streaming agreement with Peacock. That means they get paid whether their premium live events are interesting or not.

The idea that the stakes always had to be high has been tossed out the window. With the guaranteed money from Peacock, WWE is only required to present a show, not to make it important. Roman Reigns is not too worried about their reduced schedule.

The first night of WrestleMania was fantastic, but generally it did the same as the second night, and it was that you would need champions to defend on both nights or you could not have a WrestleMania. So, it kind of is like, if you need a pay-per-view match, it doesn''t matter because that money is actually guaranteed. So, whatever the situation is, you have to pay for it.

The obstacle to entry is much, much lower. Its like, people will watch if it''s convenient. Although today, wrestling isn''t viewed on a pay-per-view channel, on a real pay-per-view channel, and it''s likely that the matches will make a significant difference as long as how many people are going to buy or something like that. Despite the fact that when it comes to television and when it comes to premium live events, it''s really a lot more determined by

If there are competitors, then less people will buy. It doesnt matter how well you put on a show and people will watch or they will not watch based on other things. It''s not like if we put on Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley and people have been waiting for it and everything so well, we do a good build-up. But, apparently, it will make any difference in WWE''s money. Appreciably, no, it''s a different era. So, they can get

WWE will make their money whether it be a big main event title match on a given card or not. The Peacock agreement has been a game-changer, as there is far less incentive to sell smaller monthly premium live events. With Roman Reigns working less dates ahead, this is a huge advantage for WWE.

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