At DaBaby, DaniLeigh swears it had a yellow Bone Diss track

At DaBaby, DaniLeigh swears it had a yellow Bone Diss track ...

DaniLeigh has been involved in a number of controversies in the last year or so. She has been slammed for the Yellow Bone controversy, but fans were still following her and continue to bash the singer on social media.

It didn''t take long until everything the singer did was watched with a lot of scrutiny. It prompted her to take time off social media for a while. She has never been 100% without drama.

The whole version of Yellow Bone never appeared, but even the lyrics caused a lot of controversy. In a video, DaniLeigh was accused of making the song to target Meme, the mother of the DaBabys'' daughter.

DaniLeigh talked about her relationship with DaBaby and the Yellow Bone controversy while while talking with Angie Martinez. DaniLeigh explained how he was hurtful the song was.

No. When I dropped the snippet and saw how everyone reacted, I was like, I messed up. I didnt super realize it at that time, and thats why I responded like, defensive.But it was a horrible mistake for me. It was not a good day for me, and it was a painful day. In that time, like, a lot was going on in my life.

So, I was like, what God is doing to teach me right now because it was certainly a learning lesson for me, and I just want to say to everybody that Im just sorry because I wastook it off without even talking on skin tone, like, I realize how messed up that is now.

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