On NFT-based fantasy sports, Sorare and MLB interconnect

On NFT-based fantasy sports, Sorare and MLB interconnect ...

Sorare has launched the first free-to-play fantasy baseball game based on Major League Baseball.

The game is a fantasy baseball game that will be released this summer. Fans will create teams with NFTs representing Major League Gaming players. Then they can enter tournaments and see the results based on how players do in the real world. Players may start with a free card, but they have the option to continue playing with these cards and earn rewards. Or sell them on the market for real money.

Sorare''s fantasy soccer game that uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has had a great success. This type of partnership is why Sorare was able to raise $680 million on a $4.3 billion valuation in a transaction with SoftBank last year.

Sorare achieved more than $325 million in sales in 2021, compared to 2020, with an increase of +3885% YoY. It has increased by 32 percent month on month active usage, over the past 12 months.

This partnership with Sorare, the MLB''s official NFT baseball game partner, offers fans the opportunity to celebrate, share, and own their MLB passion through gaming. For Sorare, this partnership is expanding its unique concept beyond soccer for the first time.

The connection between Americans and baseball is enduring. Baseball has always been on the cutting edge of new technology and innovations, so were honored that MLB and the MLBPA have chosen Sorare to deliver a NFT MLB Game to players worldwide. Together, they show how much they want to own and be a part of the game. Today, our partnership will help a fresh and bigger fanbase to connect with Americas pastime.

The purpose of the Sorares MLB Game is to encourage fans to create the best team of NFTs representing Major League Players and to connect with athletes, clubs, and the league even more during the live experience of baseball games. Additional details of the game will be announced shortly before the product launch this summer.

In a statement, Sorare understands the value of that friendship, according to commissioner of baseball Robert Manfred, Jr.. The firm''s focus is on transforming fandom by combining sports, technology, and gaming to permit viewers to actually own a piece of the game they love. It is unique and extends beyond boundaries, allowing us to bring the love of baseball to more fans across the globe.

Sorare said it creates a unique gaming experience for gamers that ties them to their teams, leagues, and players by combining digital assets with free-to-play games. Through this technology, Sorare is allowing fans to manage their favorite players, enrich passions, and gain weekly rewards.

The Sorare MLB NFT game will be a way for the league to engage new fans globally and to introduce existing baseball fans to the Sorares community of 1.8 million registered users across 185 countries.

With MLB, the company anticipates to expand its young and digitally native audience further in the United States. In March, the soccer game featured 370,000 monthly active users in 185 countries.

Sorare has created a new baseball gaming experience that will excite fans about collecting Players NFTs, building winning lineups, and competing against baseball fans across the world. We are very pleased about our partnership and the effects Sorares'' first foray into North American sports will have on our game''s growth worldwide.

OneTeam, the MLBPAs group player licensing partner, was a part of the contract. We are proud to have collaborated with visionary partners in Sorare, who have reimagined the fan experience through their NFT-based games. The partnership will bring supporters even closer to the amazing MLB players they admire, as we explore new techniques of gameplay and collection.

Sorare is funded by a world-class team including Benchmark, Accel Partners, Softbank, and athletes and business angels such as Serena Williams, Alexis Ohanian, and Gary Vayernchuck. The company was first started in 2018.

With two core products, Sorare is able to scout, collect, and trade MLB NFTs. These NFTs will be built on Ethereum, just like the company''s soccer product, so users are more able to trade and play them elsewhere.

Sorare is a free-to-play game in which players own their cards completely, so there is no wagering involved. Players have no choice but to play with their cards at the end.

As players build their lineup with cards they own, based on people and teams they love, who are performing well or who they believe are undervalued and will improve, a spokesperson said.

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