After a racist tweet, Draymond Green refuses to apologise for weathermans

After a racist tweet, Draymond Green refuses to apologise for weathermans ...

Draymond Greens'' respect for the Golden State Warriors cannot be underestimated. Greenfound himself in a tough spotduring game one of the NBA Playoff series between the Memphis Grizzlies and his Golden State Warriors. He was also called out in a now-deleted racist tweet, and it seems Green isn''t ready to accept an apology.

A Tennessee weatherman allegedly made a racial outburst about Draymond Green over the weekend. On the court, Joey Sulipeck sent out a racial remark.

Draymond opens his knuckle-ding open mouth ALL GAME LONG, but mild-mannered Kyle Anderson disputes one call and is ejected? Next level jack-ssery.

Sulipeck was accused of comparing Green to an ape or a monkey, which has long been a racist cliche against Black people. Fast criticism, with football reporter Evan Barnes responding to the statement.

Sulipeck posted his comments on Twitter, but the screenshots remained anonymous and quickly spread. He later resurfaced to deny that his comment was intended to be racist.

Anyone who knows me knows what I am. Race is never an issue to me. I apologize to anyone who was offended, but there was no intention.

Despite the criticism, the weatherman was too big, and he deleted his entire Twitter account. During the investigation, his news network has indicated that it is investigating the situation. Green also addressed the situation and declined the apology.

I am not sure that culture is being canceled. This is not a cancellation attempt. Let''s stand on your words. ACCOUNTABILITY. WHAT YOU DO INTERNECTION.

Green shared his point in the debate, but it does not appear that he will accept any apologies anytime soon. Draymond Green recently pledged to donate $100,000 to charity in honor of his late teammate, Adreian Payne. Check out the twitter feed below.

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