Bluehole Releases an Industry Comment on Vuse Overtaking Juul and Becoming the US Vaping Market Champion Again

Bluehole Releases an Industry Comment on Vuse Overtaking Juul and Becoming the US Vaping Market Cham ...


Bluehole New Consumption, China''s leading vaping media, today publishes an industry comment on Vuse''s overtaking Juul and becoming the US vaping market champion.

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According to Nielsen, Vuse has surpassed Juul and became the no.1 in U.S. e-cigarette sales by 35 percent, driven by the sale of its flagship product Vuse Alto, which represented over 90% of Vuse revenues in 2021. Being back on top in the US market has strengthened Vuse''s global leadership.

Vuse is set to become the top-selling vaping brand in the United States once more, because Juul, the emerging brand founded in 2015, had already gained a massive 68% share of the US vaping market within three years, reducing their value by 12% from 41.2 percent in 2016.

Vuse had started looking for a new manufacturer and atomization technology provider on a worldwide scale, and was considering launching a game-changing product in 2018. In 2018, Vuse entered into partnership with FEELM, the flagship atomization technology company belonging to SMOORE, and quickly launched Vuse Alto in August.

Vuse Alto, which is constructed with a traditional cotton coil, has had a revolutionary vaping experience since using the FEELM ceramic coil. In 2021, Vuse Alto became one of the world''s most popular vaping products, with its US value share increased by 31.5 percent in the following two years, resulting in a 0.1% decrease in Juul (36%).

Vuse Alto, which is equipped with a high-end ceramic coil, offers a flawless vaping experience and a long-lasting pod with exceptional leakage-proof performance. This product has become an increasingly popular competitive advantage, especially after the US FDA banned e-cigarettes with other flavors than tobacco and menthol in February 2020, to address the youth vaping epidemic. Meanwhile, Juul has been involved in state lawsuits in the United States.

In October 2021, the FDA issued first marketing granted orders to Vuse (Solo) recognizing the public health benefits of Vuse products, particularly for addicted adult smokers seeking for a switchover. In April 2022, the FDA approved NJOY Ace for sale, which is also powered by FEELM atomization technology, reaffirming the harm reduction potential of this ceramic coil. Moreover, Vuse Alto also shares the same FEELM atomization technique with NJOY Ace.

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