Amber Heard Didn't Inspire Snapchat's New Crying Filter

Amber Heard Didn't Inspire Snapchat's New Crying Filter ...

The ongoing legal battle between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard continues to be discussed all over the world. Many people have now sided with Johnny Depp after discovering a lot more about the case. Heard also did not outweigh Snapchat''s new crying filer.

Heard accused him of grabbing her across the face and acted in an acavity search because he believed she concealed cocaine inside her. She also broke down before the court.

Several people criticized her for slander during her testimony. A new popular Snapchat filter that has led users to become a panicking mess, however, many remained skeptical it was powered by Amber Heard.

According to TMZ, the filter was not based on Amber Heard crying. It was said that the filter has been in the works for six months, so it was in the works for several years before Heards testimony.

Snapchat did not intend to take pleasure in a domestic violence case. It had also previously released a large smiley face filter, so a tragic one was also expected to happen.

Amber Heard has a lot to be concerned about, irrespective of whether or not she was criticized for retaliation for feminism. The trial has taken a break until May 16th, and it is certainly not in Amber Heard''s favor.

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