Ezra Miller, a flash actor, verbally abused cops during his arrest in Hawaii, according to a recovered video

Ezra Miller, a flash actor, verbally abused cops during his arrest in Hawaii, according to a recover ...

While being questioned by Hawaii police, actor Ezra Miller appears to be aggressive.

Authorities in Hawaii have released a police bodycam footage that shows the actor shouting at the cops and demanding their badge numbers, among other things.

In the last weeks, Miller''s arrest on the Big Island was the second.

Ezra Miller has been making news in the past couple of weeks for himself getting stuck.

Last month, Hawaii police detained the Hollywood actor. He was detained on the grounds of deception at a bar.

The footage of the incident has been shown to the public. As per the footage, Miller seems to be in a seemingly unsettling manner with the cops.

In the footage, the 29-year-old actor was asked to leave the bar to speak with the cops who were waiting outside.

Miller contacted the cops when he was outside, requesting his names and badge numbers.

When its flashlight was already on, Miller said he filmed the entire unsettling incident on his cell phone.

A cop asked him why he was recording the badge number as Miller continued to issue statements to police officers.

Miller, who claimed to be assaulted by a cop, replied, and I film myself when I get assaulted for NFT crypto art.

When Miller came up and spit on him, TMZ reports that the victim was playing darts and contemplating his own business at the bar.

As a result of the arrest of cops who placed handcuffs on Miller, he informed him that his alleged attacker supposedly announced that he was a Nazi.

Ezra Miller claims that one officer unintentionally touched his penis, retaliating for firing the pat-down.

When Miller was detained by police, the incident sparked speculation.

The cops also confiscated his personal belongings in a bag to take to the police station. Miller was spotted requesting the cops to not confiscate his Flash ring.

During the clip when Miller called out the officer, the cop denied the accusations. Miller identifies himself as non-binary. He was also disgusted that he did not want a male officer to look into him.

Miller is also ranting to the police officers regarding the Fourth Amendment and Ninth Amendment rights in the United States.

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