NFT for Logan Pauls 99 Originals: Release Date, Prices, and How to Buy?

NFT for Logan Pauls 99 Originals: Release Date, Prices, and How to Buy? ...

Logan Paul is up with his Logan Paul 99 Originals NFT. While the 99 Originals of Logan have long been in the limelight. The fans of him are curious to know when they can get it and how it would be available for everyone. So, here is an outline of the most recent Logan Pauls 99 Originals NFT. What should you expect?

Read on to learn more about the Logan Pauls 99 Originals NFT and its other features.

Logan Pauls 99 Originals NFT was released on the first day of April on on May 9th. The rest of the collection''s photos would be deleted each day. is a website for getting those 99 Originals. Nevertheless, if you want to get the collection, you must take part in the auction of it that will happen separately for each of the 99 Originals. But before that, you must know what the 99 Originals are all about.

Logan Paul''s new collection of 99 Originals NFT is about the 99 polaroid images. These 99 images provide insight into some of his life''s greatest and most significant moments. Ob it the moment when he had battles in the rings. Or when he traveled to some of the most famous places.

The moment in which he fell in love not only once but more than that. Further his substance addiction and other moments are a part of the 99 Originals NFT. Heres how to get the Logan Pauls 99 Originals NFT.

The purchase of the special 99 Originals of Logan will take place through auction. As stated before each of his 99 images would be put for auction and bidding would ensue. Each auction would last for 24 hours on

In the last 15 minutes of the bid, a timer would be available to assist and alert. On the other hand, the bid must be 10% higher than the actual bid amount. We also know that the initial sales of the first 99 images would be used as a result of the Ukraine war relief.

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