For Research Applications, a Modular Light Scattering System

For Research Applications, a Modular Light Scattering System ...

TESTA Analytical Solutions e.K''s BI-200SM goniometer has been designed to be the finest instrument available for light scattering research applications.

The BI-200SM research goniometer offers excellent performance for both static light scattering (SLS) and dynamic light scattering (DLS) experiments.

The BI-200SM''s modularity is a success in making system expansion simple. With a standard optical rail, the BI-200SM can be used with neutral density filters, polarizers, auxiliary analyzers, additional lasers, and a reference detector. Research groups with special sample requirements may often be accommodated by changing the cell holder design or size.

Due to the wobble-free movement of the detector, the Bl-200SM'' advanced design and quality construction guarantee precise measurements. It has been recognized in hundreds of laboratories and has become a major tool for macro-molecular investigations and submicron particle sizing.

By integrating an optical signal splitter into the beam of scattered light and a second detector it is possible to eliminate the effects of very high-speed interference from the detector(s). This Cross Correlation System provides remarkably clear data.

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