While his mother watches, Halo's master chief loses his virginity

While his mother watches, Halo's master chief loses his virginity ...

Move over,365 Days: There''s a new king of raunch on streaming, and its none other than Paramount+sHalo. Thats right, the adaptation of the famously chaste video games that seems to love butt nudity above all other things finally took a step into the great unknown, and had a sex scene. And not only that, it was one of the most bizarre, most difficult sex scenes Ive ever seen in a long time.

Spoilers forHalo Season 1, Episode 8 Allegiance has reached this point, but in this episode, John (Pablo Schrieber) and Makee (Charlie Murphy) are expanding closer, owing to their ability to communicate with some strange, alien artifacts. In this episode, they take their bond to the next level by sleeping together.

After dismissing some guards, John, aka Master Chief, kisses Makee, then the two remove their shirts and touch each other scars. Finally, they wake up later in the same bed, so it is possible that they just fell asleep after some horrific scar touching. However, the implication is that they had sex.

Why is this creepy? A couple of reasons, but the first is that during their love-making session, Cortana (Jen Taylor), the digital assistant/AI who is part of Johns'' brain, is watching them. Even if she does not make any attachments or feelings, it''s clear that a nasty little blue voyeur is cared for it.

There''s something special here, and that Cortana is at the time working for Dr. Halsey (Natascha McElhone). Later in the episode, when Halsey attempts to manipulate her and John into accompanying her off-planet (its complicated, dont worry about it), she tells Makee how pleased she was to see Makee and John grow closer. So it''s pretty clear that non only was Cortana watching, but Halsey was probably later reviewing

Why did I mention that Halsey was essentially his Master Chiefs mother, since she raised him to be a Spartan warrior from the time he was six? Yes, Cortana is his mother, because Halsey made him think of himself as a Christian, and is now writing this Halo series, because The Attic does not have anything on this.

Theres one last element, which I agree with, because nobody says it out loud, but it is not only distinctly possible, but probable that Master Chief and Makee lost their virginity to one another. Until recently, he was discovered an emotionless killing machine, which he just seemed familiar with kissing, but even the notion of someone expressing his skin.

Makee received her first kiss, then returned to the United States, where she was taken to live with aliens from the Covenant. I don''t pretend to know much much about alien biology, but with the possibility that she''s been getting busy with worm monsters, this is the first human she has ever encountered in at least a decade, if not more.

While Cortana and Halsey watched Master Chief, fans anticipated it to become the first series to air on Paramount+.

On Paramount+, Halo streams Thursdays.

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