Kanye compared Kim Kardashian's WSJ Innovator Awards outfit to Marge Simpson

Kanye compared Kim Kardashian's WSJ Innovator Awards outfit to Marge Simpson ...

Kanye West compared an outfit his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, wore at the Wall Street Journals Innovator Awards to something cartoon character Marge Simpson.

Kim tells Kourtney Kardashian that she was reached a point within her marriage when she asked Wests opinion on her outfits regularly, often having fears if he didn''t approve.

I reached a point where I would ask him for everything from what I wear. Even now, im having panic attacks, like what do I wear? The founder of Skims said to her older sister.

On Saturday Night Live, she said, but decided to wear her own outfit.

Were you nervous? Kourtney interjected to ask, with Kim responding, So nervous. Oh and then he called me afterward. He told me my career has ended and then he showed me a picture of Marge Simpson wearing something similar.

The fit in question was a leather dress from Fendi''s Skims line, in which she had almost suffered a wardrobe ache, as the dress was unzipped in the back from the bottom of the dress upwards as she stood up to receive the award.

At the time, the mother of four discussed Wests'' refusal to submit their divorce papers, telling Kourtney, I dont know, I ask him constantly. He says he will and then hes like, well, I dont want a divorce, so I''m not going to sign them.''

During her confession, she said that she is always very protective of Kanye while not sharing a lot of the negative things that have happened merely because he is not doing the show. Also, if I do something on a reality show, then its how dare she do it and then he can do it in a song and that is so creative and expressive. Its always, like, two different parts are being expressed two different ways and one is respected and one is not.

Kim is now the one who works for fashion police, as she recently took to the equities for telling Pete Davidson to pull his hat while they prepped for the 2022 Met Gala.

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