Sarah Rachul, an adult Disney fan, has been told to grow up for crying after hugging Goofy

Sarah Rachul, an adult Disney fan, has been told to grow up for crying after hugging Goofy ...

Many people find that Disney merchandise is a big deal, but some of them prefer it. Well, the TikTokers reaction on emotionally with Goofy has just made social media users mock that. Why is social media so abuzz with the TikTokers reaction?

TikToker, a Disney adult, is getting viral for her reaction to Goofy.

Disney and its characters have a different craze. While Disney fans are difficult to count. It''s not just kids, but adults as well. Perhaps this is the reason why we have the term for such adult fans as Disney adults. It''s clear that a Disney adult is going viral everywhere.

A TikToker is also a Disney fan. Sarah Rachul recently met with a popular Disney character as Goofy while she posted her video with Goofy. Her reaction to meeting Goofy is just grabbing a lot of attention.

TikToker, a 27-year-old, shared her video of meeting Goofy in Disney World, Florida, where Disney World previously banned hugging Disney characters. The ban was imposed because to the epidemic.

Sarah met with Goofy after a three-year wait. She was on meeting though and hugging Goofy at Disney World. She captioned her TikTok video saying she didn''t remember when she cried this hard before. As such, hugging Goofy to her felt like hugging her father, making her happy on that.

YALL make it weird by judging people she literally mentioned it in her caption but yall go ahead and post it like ew disney adults are a threat to society someone do something about them just leave people alone if they aren''t damaging anyone or anything jesus christ.

Ever since the video of Sarah went viral on TikTok, it has seen several views and admirers. Netizens have had mixed reactions to it. While many of them are not Disney fans.

According to a popular YouTube video, some users attributed Sarah to such behavior. One of the users who contributed to Disney World said such reactions make their work very worthwhile.

Disney is for kids. I''d be happy if you could do so.

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