Waters Makes Xevo TQ Absolute a Reality

Waters Makes Xevo TQ Absolute a Reality ...

Waters Corporation (NYSE:WAT) has introduced the newXevo TQ Absolute system, the most sensitive and compact benchtop tandem mass spec in its class.

It provides more analytical energy in a much smaller capacity than any other mass spec in its class, which has exceptionally low quantitation limitations, and assists laboratory managers in optimalizing their equipment utilization and analytical output.

Waters'' most popular high-performance mass spectrometer has an advantage over its predecessoriiand, which is 45% less and uses up to 50% less electricity and gas supply than other high-performance tandem quadrupole mass spectrometers available on the market. IiiThe Xevo TQ Absolute is designed to assist pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and environmental analytical laboratories meet requirements requiring trace-level quantitative mass spectrometry testing for a wide range of applications.

The Xevo TQ Absolute is ideal for laboratory managers seeking for industry-leading quantitative sensitivity, accuracy, reproducibility, efficiency, and sustainability, according to Jon Pratt, the Waters Division senior vice president of Waters Corporation. It provides more analytical firepower in a much smaller footprint than any other mass spec in its class, has exceptionally low quantitation limits, and assists laboratory managers in optimizing their equipment usage and analytical output.

Waters combine the Xevo TQ Absolute mass spectrometer with the WatersACQUITY Premier UPLC System with the MaxPeak HPS technology to eliminate non-specific adsorption of compounds containing phosphate and/or carboxylate groups and improve their recovery. Together, this integrated LC-MS/MS system is designed to reduce quantitation''s limits to extremely low levels for many applications:

  • Quantifying regulated impurities in drug products
  • Performing oligonucleotide bioanalytical assays
  • Measuring concentrations of endogenous metabolites in large cohort clinical studies
  • Quantifying residues and contaminants in food and environmental samples
  • Measuring low-level drugs and toxicants in physiological matrices
  • Detecting trace-level leachables from food packaging

The Xevo TQ Absolute incorporates clever design features that allow consistent and reproducible analyses, allowing labs to maintain performance and uptime for longer periods in between routine cleaning and service periods. This is achieved thanks to fresh guidance on optimal probe positioning for both sensitivity and robustness, as well as a source shield that helps minimize source contamination by the sample matrix or mobile phase salts.

The Xevo TQ Absolute is ideal for use with thewaters_connect software, and is also compatible with the WatersMassLynxmass spectrometry software. For laboratories looking at large quantities of samples, or those quantifying hundreds of small molecules and contaminants in one run, theMS Quan appon waters_connect and its unique Exception Focused Review (XFR) capability allows scientists to review data in up to half the time it used to take them.

The Worldwide customer shipments of the Xevo TQ Absolute are expected to begin in May.

i Based on a comparison of the market''s sensitivity and product specifications

ii Waters Xevo TQ- XS

iii Based on a comparison of Sciex 7500, Sciex 6500, Agilent 6495C, and Thermo TSQ Altis

iv Estimate based on a time on task comparison of a batch of pesticides in a food safety analysis

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