Spectral Shift is launched by NanoTemper Technologies

Spectral Shift is launched by NanoTemper Technologies ...

NanoTemper Technologies has announced the introduction of a Spectral Shift technology within their Dianthus device, which is capable of handling the most stringent affinity-based testings in drug discovery. This breakthrough technology removes the obstacles encountered by scientists with challenging drugs and drug therapies, such as protagonists, intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs) and fragment libraries.

We put it in the hands of prominent biopharma companies, and the rapid adoption of Spectral Shift in Dianthus was much quicker than we imagined. It demonstrated the impact it will have on the industry.

Traditional screening methods like SPR or ITC haven''t been able to handle these tricky molecular interactions, or at best they provide very low-quality data. So, scientists conclude up making choices with a lot of uncertainty since the results do not clearly indicate the best results. Or, they spend too much time on lengthy assay research to characterize tricky interactions with covalent ligands.

Amit Gupta, the product manager at NanoTemper, believes that the Spectral Shift will perform excellent measurements that may be used for hit identification or lead optimization, but that it requires little to no assay development. These are significant gains for scientists working with unidentified targets like KRAS or STAT3. Finally seeing increased success with screening campaigns and feeling confident they are receiving trustworthy results is such a relief.

According to Philipp Baaske, the co-founder and CEO of NanoTemper, our objective is to assist scientists in addressing their most complex methods. We put the technology in the hands of important biopharma companies, and the early adoption of Spectral Shift in Dianthus was faster than we could have imagined.

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