Airbnb Makes a Major Change (And You Won't Like It)

Airbnb Makes a Major Change (And You Won't Like It) ...

Airbnb, a home-sharing business, has had a remarkably flexible pandemic so far.

Although initially analysts thought the epidemic would savor the company due to limited travel, Airbnb instead prospered as guests sought ways to stay domestically and to stay in place for a week or two.

Besides, the company was praised for its flexibility in allowing people with Covid-related questions to cancel their bookings without a penalty.

At the time, the state and federal health guidelines recommended two weeks of quarantine if Covid was contracted, and kept people from traveling to different locations and spreading the same nasty virus.

Get Airbnb, Inc. Class A Reporthas also come back stronger than ever as epidemic restrictions have been lifted.

The company received enormous earnings for the third quarter of 2021, with a total of $834 million.

"Something bigger than a travel rebound is happening," Brian Chesky, the co-founder and CEO of the company, said on the call.

"For the first time ever, people can travel anywhere, for any length, and live on Airbnb. This trend to increased flexibility will only accelerate."

Despite the fact that some of the flexibility is already in place, it appears to me that one thing has failed.

Forget That Refund

Airbnb has stated that it will not postpone having Covid or being exposed to Covid as an extenuating circumstance under its full refund policy.

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Airbnb starts by following several paragraphs on all of its effort to assist visitors and guests in navigating the epidemic.

Despite the fact that you or the host will not be able to cancel your trip, it will now terminate giving Covid a reason to receive a full refund.

Since the epidemic began, the home-sharing company had promised Covid-related travel disruptions with a comprehensive refund.

Guests may still cancel, but they will only receive the refund from their hosts, many of whom pay hundreds of dollars in cleaning fees if they cancel, and additional cancellation fees.

Airbnb has stated in this blog post that it is capable of searching listings with a free cancellation filter.

The new guidelines will be put into force on May 31.

Is Airbnb trying to force travelers to enter their insurance product?

The company''s new policy coincides with the start of its new travel insurance program.

The guest will be covered for any interruptions to their travel plans, including those related to Covid.

A person will, of course, need to pay for the insurance they have chosen.

"As we predicted in January, in the coming months, we will also launch our custom-built guest travel insurance product offering, exclusive to Airbnb guests," Airbnb said in a blog post.

"The same team that brought our AirCover Host protection product to life is developing our new guest insurance product in partnership with a trustworthy insurance company and will be available to guests in several countries," said the company.

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