All of the major Kentucky distilleries have their worst Bourbon whiskeys

All of the major Kentucky distilleries have their worst Bourbon whiskeys ...

There is so much bourbon out there right now that it cant all be great, the best, or even very good. That''s just math. I know it''s flippant, but every major distillery has a few expressions that lurk on the bottom shelf in plastic bottles with screwtop caps. Because they will not just dump a barrel of whiskey into the gutter, right? So they blend it out into the cheap stuff.

It stands to be true that, as there are the finest bourbons from certain distilleries, there are also the worst bourbons from those same distilleries. It''s a simple ying and yang, Superman and Zod, Rock and Smith, or in bourbon terms Eagle Rare BTAC and Benchmark (more on that below).

If I said I loved every bourbon I ate, I would be lying. It''s pretty obvious that a $7 plastic bottle of bourbon will not be something anyone will purchase. That''s why it''s difficult to distinguish between two main items: Willett, Heaven Hill, and Buffalo Trace.

I''ll cover ten bottles of Kentucky bourbon that you should avoid. Forever. Are these the worst bourbons ever? Nah. They are just not quite good maybe a bit plasticky or watery, but also all come from large distilleries that make quite better expressions for a little bit more cash. Sometimes only five to ten dollars more. So why be yourself disappointed (or even disgusted) when you can get into which bottles to skip from the large Kentucky distilleries!

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