Rank Your Iced Coffee Drink at Starbucks

Rank Your Iced Coffee Drink at Starbucks ...

Cold brews with cream, nitro cold brews, iced Americanos, iced coffees, shaken espressos, iced flat whites, iced macchiatos, and other things are all kinds of s***cked up. Starbucks is simply given a reward for discovering new methods to fill their menu with something similar, while charging you different amounts of money for it. What kind of sick game are you playing with us, Chuck Rhoades from Billions?

This menu is absolutely unnecessary. Take example of the bizarre made-up mochas, which differ in no way from iced lattes (a different category on the menu) but that they are made with chocolate. That explains why the drive-thru and in-store lines are always so long let no one care for the other flavored lattes, because nobody knows what they are ordering. So, we have decided to split each one of Starbucks iced coffee drinks by tasting and ranking all of them, highlighting the differences between

Stop eating at Starbucks instead!

Because there are a variety of customizable flavor options at Starbucks, we''ve decided to prioritize the drinks on its online menu, each as-is, size tall (small) with no additional adjustments. Weve also eliminated a few drinks that we consider as minor tweaks of a menu item, such as Iced Coffee and Iced Coffee With Milk. They are so similar they don''t deserve independent rankings, therefore we will add them as one entry and make notes on their flavor profiles!

Below, you may discover which beverages are worth your time and money, and how to navigate a few too complicated categories.

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